✨ Welcome to HADEM & MetaVanity ✨

Let me just start by saying that the last few weeks have been truly EXPLOSIVE!

Two weeks ago we welcomed renowned Swiss Photographer and Director Edo Bertoglio to the NFT Art Community with his very first debut on SuperRare: “Basquiat’s Adidas”. Then just one week later, collector @AnestiDhima purchased it. Our biggest congrats!

But that’s not all, hold yourself tight…We have officially launched the long-awaited HADEM platform with its very first journey: MetaVanity – Vanity Fair’s Museum in the Metaverse. A Pantheon-inspired dome…Within boundless meta-physical space shaped by amongst the greatest creative minds in the Digital Art scene…With 12 rooms to explore and get lost within.

For this special occasion, we inaugurated this launch with a press conference in the magnificent Aman Hotel in Venice, where HADEM & MetaVanity were showcased for the very first time.


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But here comes the most exciting part: HADEM & MetaVanity are now open to the public! Ready to embark on a new sensorial journey, and experience art like never before?


Welcome to HADEM and MetaVanity!

On a side note, don’t forget to follow our official Instagram & Twitter HADEM accounts – The HADEM application is currently in beta phase, and we’ll be releasing tons of new features and immersive experiences in the months to come…So be sure not to miss out on any updates!

Trying to stay sane in this rising Web3 world these days? Everything is moving so fast…But the important thing is to stay calm, trust the process, and keep on building!

It seemed too good to be true that the Merge was just around the corner, but the latest news has it that the Merge has once again been postponed.

Shortly after a successful Ethereum “Shadow Fork Test” a couple of weeks ago, Tim Beiko, core ETH developer, revealed via a few tweets that he in fact does not think it will happen in June, but most likely in the few months following.

On one hand the community is bummed out by this news, but on the other hand, many Ethereum miners are actually leveraging this situation and hoping for another delay so that they have more time to make further profit from their mining operations.

The Merge in October 2022? Stay tuned.

Not directly tied to the DeFI and NFT space… But HUGE news!

The last few weeks have been all about Elon Musk and a possible Twitter buy-out…But now it’s official: on Monday Twitter accepted Musk’s bid to take over the company for $44 Billion.


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So, what to expect now?

First of all, taking Twitter private is part of the deal…Rumors have it that he may also want to make it decentralized in the future and integrate $DOGE as an integrated payment method.

Then, other changes expected are:

  • The loosening up of content rules: Musk defines himself as a “free speech absolutist” and mentioned that social networks should not remove comments that, even if offensive, are still legal.
  • The creation of an edit button: unlike other popular social media platforms, Twitter currently does not have an edit button. This could potentially be dangerous for people who could abuse this power, but on the other hand, it would definitely be useful for mistypes. The ultimate solution would be if there was the ability to showcase the history of how the tweet was edited to preserve the original content.
  • The sharing of Twitter’s algorithm on GitHub: Musk wants to make Twitter Open-Source…This is what particularly led to web3-directed rumors.
  • The Authentication of all user profiles: Musk is also very dedicated in his personal war against all bots and fake profiles. Just last week he tweeted “”If our twitter bid succeeds, we will defeat the spam bots or die trying!”

P.s. This Tweet aged VERY well…


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Looking at the NFT space…

On Monday, the Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram was hacked, resulting in over $1M in NFTs lost.

As soon as the hackers got into the profile, they posted a link to a fake minting website which was, in reality, a phishing link. This caused the loss of around 4 apes, 6 mutants and the kennels… for a total value of $1M.

The profile has now been restored, but a huge reminder to always double-check what you connect your wallet to, in any project.


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I’ve been doing my own personal research on projects trending in the NFT space lately and I must say, Anime NFT projects are looking very promising!

Azuki literally exploded…And many other cool projects are creating a lot of buzz, among which Akuma Origins, Kiwami and Shinsekai Drifters.

But one that has particularly drawn my attention this week is Anata, an NFT series intended to be the very first experiment of pseudonymous identity within NFTs.

Today PFPs are clearly the trend to represent one’s own digital identity on social media, but are mostly static images. Anata’s intention is to go beyond: what if your PFPs were live and could use your camera to mimic your movements?

What is your personal take on Anime NFTs this year?

Another PFP trending in the space at the moment is BFF, which wants to empower women within the crypto space. On April 21st, BFF opened its very first minting to the community with a 10k PFP collection: You.


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𝘠𝘰𝘶 celebrates the uniqueness of the women and nonbinary friends across the BFF community and the world.

I have minted 2 of them, and can’t wait to reveal them to you in the next few days…

Izzy’s Book Club

My book suggestion for this week is Check your Financial Privilege, by Alex Gladstein.


Just got it shipped via Amazon, but looks promising: a book all about Bitcoin, human rights, financial privilege, and personal freedom…And why we should not take any of these for granted.

Stay tuned for next week’s review!


Published on April 27th, 2022

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