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Have you been able to explore HADEM since its launch last week?

If you haven’t, you’re totally still in time to embark on this journey…Plus, we all feel that urge to unwind towards the end of the week, don’t we?

And what better way if not to pour some of that wine you’ve got stored up in the kitchen and enjoy some Art! (All while accompanied by some majestic beats and narration)

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Here is some news while your App is downloading.

🎨 NFT News.

✨ #AllTheRest. A social experiment by Skygolpe and Mattia Cuttini saw coded selfies take over OpenSea and Twitter.

“All the rest is digital and physical, figurative and abstract, tangible and elusive; it is all that it is and whatever you may make of it.”

On May 4th, Skygolpe and Mattia Cuttini launched an epic social experiment where 1000 items, Coded Selfies could be minted for free – only gas fees included!

Needless to say, they sold out in no time…Lucky NFT holders or not, now you can get lost in scrolling through these unique coded shots and continue following the evolution of what is to come.


P.s. Here is the latest surprise!


✨ SuperRare announced its SoHo Gallery opening.

In a press release last Thursday, SuperRare announced its plan to open a gallery at 417 West Broadway in SoHo, NY on May 19th.

The launching exhibit’s theme, that will be open to the public until August 28th, is all about Science-Fiction and Futurism, and will feature a curated selection of 15 NFT artists on SuperRare based on their talent and length of time within the SuperRare community.

Artists featured within this exhibit include ACK, Blake Kathryn, Botto, Dangiuz, David Bianchi, Federico Clapis, jarvinart, Krista Kim, MadMaraca, Maskarade, mgxs, NessGraphics, Reuben Wu, Vintagemozart, XSULLO and Zomax.

✨ Over $180 million of Ethereum was burned during “Otherside”, Yuga Labs NFT Land Sale resulting in the largest mint in NFT history.

On April 30th, the most anticipated “Otherside” metaverse land sale took place, with over 55,000 Otherdeeds generated (Token necessary in order to claim land) resulting in over $320M in revenue for Yuga.

The drop claimed itself as the largest mint in NFT history, but also probably the most hectic and stressful due the most dreaded nightmare in the NFT space: ETH Gas. If on one hand users were able to purchase their NFT, many spent thousands in gas fees only to not be able to buy land. Over 166.2M in gas fees…Ouch. Luckily, rumors have it that users who spent in gas fees but were not able to claim their token will be refunded. But frustration and dissatisfaction within the community was still high.

As if things could not get worse, YugaLabs did try to address the issue via a Tweet thread… supposedly an apology…An apology/non-apology, let’s put it that way. More than anything, the leitmotif was putting all the blame on ETH, which some critics within the community also described as “complete avoidance of accountability”.

Last but not least, a brief mention of what might be in the plans for ApeDAO…A migration to its own chain in order to scale seamlessly and avoid this situation from happening again.

Coincidence? Or clever marketing strategy?

✨ The demand for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) names is increasing at the blink of an eye.

It was just a few months back when we talked about ENS (a blockchain-based naming protocol) in our Podcast and Newsletter that at the time had slightly over 250k users. Fast forward to today, and ENS has officially surpassed 1M names created thanks to a spike in daily registrations from the average daily 10,000 to around 63,000 on May 2nd solely – surpassing OpenSea as Ethereum’s top gas-burning protocol.

The estimated 2022 revenue for ENS so far is around $43.2M, with $1.95M of generated revenue on May 2nd alone tied to the spike of revenues.

Do you own an ENS yet?

📈 Crypto & DeFI News.

✨ Fed day…doomsday? Bitcoin jumps back to $40,000.

The Fed keeps bringing along its fight against inflation, announcing its biggest rate hike yet on Wednesday.

In summary, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell ruled out a 0.75% move for higher interest rates in the near future coinciding with the recent decision to raise short-term interest rates by 0.50%.

But what does this mean exactly for Crypto space? Thing is, nobody has an exact answer at the moment…But this scenario could potentially lead to a bullish scenario, with retailers coming back to the scene. In the meantime, Bitcoin is back to $40,000.

✨ Solana suffered its 7th outage since the beginning of 2022.

On April 30th, Solana suffered a 7-hour outage as bots invaded the network trying to mint the “Candy Machine” NFTs on Metaplex, a popular Solana-based platform, at 4M transactions per second.

This outage did come with a price, as SOL plunged to $82.

✨ A Fantom Whale liquidation resulted in the fear of a cascade of liquidations.

Over the weekend a well-known Fantom whale, aka “Roosh”, faced liquidations worth $50million of Fantom’s native token FTM, resulting in the domino effect of fear that this would result in a further wave of liquidations…Fear that fortunately, seems to be settled.

In fact, despite the majority of the Roosh’s holdings being liquidated, since then the price of FTM has bounced back to around 20%, meaning that there was enough liquidity to absorb the loss.

For now, Fantom grits its teeth as these liquidations and bearish market caused the FTM token to go down more than 76% since its all-time high around $3.40 in mid-January, along with many top Fantom protocol assets including BOO, SCREAM and SPIRIT which have all experienced a loss of one quarter of their value over the last week.

🐋 FakeWhale LIVE.

📅 Join us tonight, May 6th, as @ScorpDag takes the stage and shares how he explores modern life through the lens of classic art with host @JesseDraxler.

⏰ 12 pm EST/6 pm CEST.

📍Where? Tune into the @fakewhale_xyz Twitter profile. See you there!



🍿 Events this Month.

MetaVanity. A meta-exhibition.

📅 Ongoing exhibition.


The Lift. An immersive-physical exhibition.

📅 Live until May 31st.

📍MEET – Digital Culture Center, Milan.

FakeWhale. A physical exhibition.

📅 May 28th.

📍More details to be revealed soon.

📚 Book of the Month.

This month’s book is Check your Financial Privilege, by Alex Gladstein.

A book all about Bitcoin, human rights, financial privilege, and personal freedom…And why we should not take any of these for granted. This is one you will want to keep on your shelf.

New exciting BookClub ideas are coming up, so stay tuned for more news.


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