Revealing Vanity Fair’s NFT Covers

Hey there! How has 2022 been treating you so far?

Last week I promised I would give you some more juicy details on our latest partnership with the APENFT Foundation in launching Vanity Fair’s very first NFT Cover series on the APENFT marketplace…

Well, today the day has come, because I am going to reveal the names of the artists behind these iconic covers…


Read the article on VF Italia ( Italian Only )

First up, we’ve got Matteo Ingrao (@matteoingrao). Currently residing in Brussels, and in his early thirties…Matteo is inspired by human skin. But not by the trending “glass skin”. On the contrary, he’s mostly attracted to imperfections, folds and wrinkles. Expect his works to provoke contradictory feelings within you: the desire to touch the art for its beauty mixed with a sense of disgust. For this auction he will be sharing the unpublished “Ratty Portrait”.

Next up, The Isolationist (@IsolationistThe). He only reveals his stage name, leaving his birth name a mystery, as he believes that masking one’s identity is the only way to be truly known leaving out anything that has to do with origins, sexual orientation or age.

In this special occasion, The Isolationist has created the Vanity Fair Cover “You Say The Words That I Can’t Say” – belonging to a series of disfigured and faceless portraits.

Third artist featured is Coup of Grace (@coupofgrace). Mexican, class of 1982…Coup of Grace is considered one of the exponents in the Hyper Glitch art movement, which consists in using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes.

He says: «We are experiencing a new Renaissance, a paradigm shift that is not easy to understand but which will lead to a beautiful hybrid between physical and digital, between human and artificial intelligence». His exclusive Vanity Fair cover is called “The Plum Thief”.

Last but not least, Von Doyle (@vondoyl). Canadian and in his early 30’s, Von Doyle has one strong belief: “Computers have scary dreams. We, ourselves, are slowly shifting into machines: we are always connected to a screen … That’s why I decided to go back to an era in which paintings fully embraced the beauty of tradition and rework them with the spirit of our time “. Von Doyle’s Vanity Fair cover is called “Ludwig”.


When it comes to when the auction will take place, we are sorry to announce the official date has been postponed in order to prioritize a secure and user-friendly marketplace given the high-volume presented over the past week. I mean, already more than 1.2. M pre-registered and whitelisted users, simply mesmerizing. The community, excitement and support behind this initiative is so strong, that it will be worth the wait!

Can’t wait to communicate the new official date to you. Stay tuned.

Passing along to some Crypto space news…A greener space in 2022? By mid-2022, Ethereum is committed to making this become reality.

2021 has definitely been quite the year for Ethereum – The price of Ether rose up to around 400% in 2021 and network users paid nearly $10B in fees…Probably thanks to A LOT of NFT purchases hehe.

The problem? Let’s just say Ethereum also saw it’s annual energy consumption skyrocket past 100TWh…Yikes.

It is not news to our crypto ears that Crypto, and specifically Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are always criticized for their impact on the environment.

But Ethereum devs had already predicted that Proof-of-Work would not have been sustainable in the long run and already initiated a plan to transition Ethereum to a more efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, that could result in an energy consumption drop up to 99%. Step one was launching the Beacon chain in December 2020.

The next and final step? The famous ‘merge’, expected in the first half of 2022 when the current Ethereum will merge with the Beacon chain PoS system.

As we wait for the merge, let’s enjoy some fashion in the Metaverse: Metaverse Fashion Week is officially coming to the Decentraland!

In collaboration with the luxury Polygon-based marketplace UNXD, Decentraland has announced that it will be hosting Fashion Week from March 24th to March 27th 2022.

And this show will be all about EXPERIENCES – Users will be able to take part in immersive catwalk shows, pop up shops where they can purchase and afterparties…All while being able to interact with one another just like in real life.

But Decentraland has no intention of stopping here – this virtual land will continue to be used as a place for fashion brands to advertise, host fashion shows, and set-up e-commerce shops in the long term.


On top of this news, there is other fun news in the NFT space this week: Slim Shady just bought Bored Ape ‘EminApe’ NFT for $460K!

The NFT nicknamed the “EminApe” was created by GeeGazza in collaboration with Bored Ape and depicts the exact gold chain necklace and khaki army cap that Eminem wears in real life – He just had to add it to his Opensea portfolio!

The owner had previously joked around on a tweet saying that someday Eminem would purchase it…


Izzy’s Book Club

Is reading more one of your 2022 resolutions? Then I’ve got your back.


I’ll be honest, choosing the first book to read this year was hard, but I’ve found it:

The Changing World Order – Why Nations Succeed and Fail, by Ray Dalio.

Ray Dalio is a renowned investor who spent almost half a century studying global economies and markets.

This book takes a deep dive into history’s most turbulent economic and political periods, and gives us a perspective on what we should expect both in the near and distant future.

Stay tuned for the full review.


Date of publication: January 6th, 2022

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