The artist on the blockchain: Hackatao

The blockchain belongs to everyone. For some years now, this tool has been used to sell works of art and become owners of real collections. In 2021 there was a boom in non-fungible tokens and a bidding war took place on the various auction platforms. Artists of all kinds, singers, illustrators, and even amateurs have created or inserted their works to satisfy the taste of the public and investors. The blockchain technology that allows you to certify a work has not only appealed to ordinary people. Even high-caliber artists have wanted to have their say or have decided to show off. For some, it is the fashion of the moment, but for others, it is the occasion that will ignite the future.

Last time we talked about Damien Hirst, a famous British artist who jumped into NFTs.

Last time we talked about Damien Hirst, a famous British artist who jumped into NFTs. In today’s episode of the artist on the blockchain, we take a look at Hackatao, his art and what he is up to in the blockchain. Two Italian artists who, thanks to their illustrations, found themselves among the first in the ranking of NFT artists. If you do not know Hackatao and its artistic work, in this article we see what it has done and what it is doing in the blockchain.

Who is Hackatao?

Hackatao is actually a diptych. The artist is actually the “artists”: Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. This artistic duo was born in Milan, Italy, back in 2007, when there was still no talk of non-fungible tokens. The project begins with the work Podmork, little totemic creatures, sculpted in ceramics and decorated with drawings and acrylic, literally are the signed Hackatao book of Genesis. The art critic Igor Zanti notices them and everything blossoms as if by magic. The Hackatao begin to participate in group exhibitions and art fairs where they receive the appreciation of the public and collectors. 

The official description fro Hackatao is the following:

“Hack” for the pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what’s hidden inside; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance. Animating their physical works and experimenting with any sort of digital tools and artistic medium, Hackatao’s art pieces are often involved with the main issues of society, environment, humanity and crypto, as well as references to art history, symbolism and psychology. Always in a very unique, unmistakable Hackatao’s style.

The peculiarity of their art

The pop figures – filled with colors in a flat style – and the clear lines create a delimiting ideal “cage”, a container, to the black and white detailed flow of drawings otherwise unlimited. Within the interweaving of the drawings, are discussed the main issues of society, environment, humanity, and crypto, as well as references to art history, symbolism, and psychology, gaming. From the sacred to the profane. Their intertwined black and white designs are what characterize the Hackatao. From three-dimensional puppets, they moved on to making the same drawings on canvas. And then to sell them as a non-fungible token.

Landing on the blockchain

Before the arrival of the great artists, they arrive in the world of crypto in 2018, enthusiastic and foreseeing the future of art towards a digital one. Their first NFT was “Girl Next door” – an animated GIF tokenized on SuperRare – dedicated to the rusty part of the traditional art world, as well as to the paralyzed structures and systems that keep slowing down progress and improvement. Now Hackatao is one of the most well-known artists in the crypto art community. They contributed to the rise of NFT art and they have inspired many artists to do the same.

Where to buy Hackatao’s works?

There are several ways to find Hackatao’s works. Several new collections can be found on the Nifty Giveaway website. On the official website of the artists, available through this link, it is possible to see the works both available and already sold. The links lead to the Superare platform, where you can buy them.

The numbers of Hackatao

The curious art of Hackatao has had great success in the blockchain community. They were among the first to launch into the world of NFT and are in the world rankings, behind artists like Beeple.  Currently, they are in fourth place: 

  • Total artwork value: $33,322,644.48
  • Artwork sold: 2254
  • Highest Sale: $1,048,592.50
  • Average Sale: $14,783.78


The most expensive works of Hackatao

1. Flood

Flood is one of the most famous works of Hackatao and unfortunately one of the most prophetic. The work has been exhibited in several museums and predicts what climate change will bring to our cities.

Adaptation to climate change. Work created for the Hackatao Fight Fear exhibition.

  • Artist(s): hackatao
  • Collector: starrynight
  • Last Sold: 06 Oct 2021
  • Price: $1,055,630.00 (250 ETH)
  • Gallery: SuperRare
  • Editions: 1

2. Imago

The imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis, its process of growth and development; also known as the imaginal stage, where the insect attains maturity and is ready for its new life. This art piece was created by Hackatao during Covid time, looking to the future and to the “new Renaissance” of humanity after what the pandemic has caused at every level. “Imago 2k2 a.C.” stays in fact for “imago 2020 after Covid”, a true restart, a rebirth. The character, between a Venus and a warrior, is ready for a new life in that world that was reshaped so badly by a pandemic, in the year that we will probably in the future call “the new YEAR ZERO”.

  • Artist(s): hackatao
  • Collector: anonymous
  • Last Sold: 15 Oct 2021
  • Price: $932,285.00 (220.789 ETH)
  • Gallery: Sotheby’s
  • Editions: 1

3. LOL

Rendezvous on MORK – LOL version by Hackatao and mbsjq Feat Astro in giggles from [Astro & The Universe Series] Music by LilSiri

  • Artist(s): hackatao
  • Collector: vincentvandough
  • Last Sold: 26 Aug 2021
  • Price: $781,166.20 (185 ETH)
  • Gallery: SuperRare
  • Editions: 1


Like Schrödinger’s cat, until we open the dictatorship box he’s both alive and dead. 🙂

  • Artist(s): hackatao
  • Collector: batsoupyum2
  • Last Sold: 26 Mar 2021
  • Price: $641,823.04 (152 ETH)
  • Gallery: SuperRare
  • Editions: 1


What’s left of us on social networks when we die? Digital ghosts that persecute our friends or a place of memory, a digital tomb that reminds us more of the real tombstone? Will the selfie that will be fatal come?

  • Artist(s): hackatao
  • Collector: anonymoux
  • Last Sold: 01 Aug 2021
  • Price: $633,378.00 (150 ETH)
  • Gallery: SuperRare
  • Editions: 1

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