Who is Burnt Banksy and how he wants to change the world of NFT

An original Burnt Banksy.

Thus begins our story. You may have heard a few months ago about a work called Morons, a piece created by the artist, Banksy, as a critique of the art market itself. Through a video and livestream, a masked figure by the name of BurntBanksy literally set Morons on fire. The original piece of art was purchased for $95,000,000 while the photo of the burning work has been sold as an NFT, which claims its authenticity and ownership.

Destroy The Work

BurntBanksy states that anything can be art and that he is merely sending that message to the world. After fifteen minutes of trying to burn the work, it finally goes up in flames. The anonymous artist then sold the charred piece for $3,000, in cryptocurrency. According to BurntBanksy’s vision, he wanted to destroy the work and move it to an NFT space. 

And open a Gallery

Seeing the achievements of other artists with crypto art, he decided to embark on several projects and gathered public acclaim. His next step will be to set up a decentralized auction that specializes in NFTs. This idea has raised two million dollars thanks to the support of investors, mainly from Hong Kong, China and Singapore. The strength of the auction is the possibility offered to anyone to participate, unlike real auctions in the world. Its goal is to remove the barriers to entry to becoming an artist or collector. BurntBanksy is planning to open a gallery, dubbed by him, of non-art wallpapered by NFTs. “There will be art hanging on the wall, but it’s not an art gallery,” he said. 

Change the art world

What he wants to prove to the globe is how to change the art world and not encourage people to burn artwork. His biggest dream is to take a piece of art, film it with a camera, and spin it in orbit for four years until it burns. Anyone who purchases the NFT will be able to see the art in the sky. What we can claim about BurntBanksy is that he is an eccentric and irreverent character, who could give his vision of making art to the world and could inspire future generations to value their creativity. 

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