EVEN STONER CATS MEOW: a NFT story starring Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

In a recent video on Instagram, the famous actor Ashton Kutcher asks his wife, Mila Kunis, a series of questions about non-fungible tokens and crypto value. The video is pretty funny and neither star takes themselves seriously. And at some point, Vitalik Buterin appears. 

First Watch the video below then continue to read if you would like to know why the creator of Ethereum is in the Kutchers’ kitchen.


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  • What’s crypto?
  • What’s blockchain? 
  • What’s decentralization?

These are the kind of question that Ashton asks Mila and she tries to answer questions and, we could say, she get along in a way. Then, Vitalik Buterin gives his opinion through a more exhaustive formulation. The video managed to get attention, reaching over a million views and Mila, in an interview, argued that the NFT world is not just made up of men.

So you’re wondering why Hollywood stars want so much attention on the NFT and crypto topic? And what it has to do with Stoner Cats?

We could say Stoner Cats is the new and ultimate way to watch tv and could revolutionize the entertainment industry. Since today, a large part of multimedia languages has been sold as non-fungible tokens, like music, artwork, illustrations, and even tweet. Nobody thoughts about a television series, maybe because it requires a big production behind to create something valuable. And then who if not two famous actors all over the world who can use their resources to create something crazy.

So, Stoner Cats is born

Stoner Cats is a tv show

Stoner Cats is a television series directly thought and created to be bought and watched as NFT (an NFTlix we can say). In detail, the show is created by the animation team of Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole, and Ash Brannon and the production company behind the tv series is Orchard Farm Productions. This film production is managed by Mila Kunis and other women in the movie industry. 

The cat-astrophe begin

Stoner Cats is a series starring the cats of Ms. Stoner, who receives a box of mysterious medical marijuana. The owner, by mistake, ignites the box that contains it and the five cats inhale the cosmic jush of the box. From this premise point, the cat-astrophe begins.

Cats, under the influence of drugs, begin to take on new awareness and begin to have a real voice. An interesting premise that of Stoner Cats which develops with a particular style of animation and which I make it characteristic, even if what makes this work more attractive is the fact that it is distributed in the form of a non-fungible token, which we talk about below.

One of the peculiarities that makes the animated product even more interesting is the fact that it is the Hollywood stars who give voice to the five protagonist cats and the characters who appear at the opera. From Chris Rock to Jane Fonda, up to Seth Macfarlane, the voices of our stoned cats will be truly unique and of a high standard. There is also a bonus element: Vitalik, the creator of Ethereum, lends his voice to a cosmic cat.

So how do you watch the show?

Let’s take a step back, Orchard Farm production wantedt o change the fortunes of the entertainment industry landscape, through NFTs. We remind you that non-fungible tokens are digital assets that demonstrate and certify the ownership of work towards the buyer. By buying and selling the illustrations of Stoner Cats, it is possible to see the television series. This allows for real legitimate owners of the work and makes the desire to watch the show extremely high.

So, we can certainly declare that the method that the creators came up with is truly original and revolutionary. In order to take advantage of the episodes of the Stoner Cats show, it is necessary to purchase a Stoner Cats.

Yes, because several Stoner Cats characters have been realized and are available to be bought with Ethereum. With different names, the Stonercats available are 10,420 pieces and 3000 have been purchased. Each of them is unique and has a particular characteristic, for example, the stoned cat number 8605 has a piece of bitten pizza in his hand and a lighter, ready to ignite the next barrel. Or 8662 has Swedish fish in its legs. Once you have bought a TOKen, which is an illustration of a Stoner Cat, you can access the television show and new episodes will be released. So, whoever buys a Stoner Cats NFT has access to a membership dor an exclusive club: a place where to watch the show and other exclusive stuff. If you have bought a Stoner Cat and you want to access the show, you have to connect the same wallet account in which you have bought the artwork, for security and transparency.

For now, only the first episode is available and six more will arrive to complete the series. The titles of the episodes are as follows:

  • Stoned Awakening
  • High Score
  • Catliners
  • Fifty Shades of Brown
  • Ivana do Business
  • Break.in Bud

Do you want to buy one?

As told you before, to watch Stoner Cats, you have to buy at least one of the TOKen of a Stoner Cat. To do so, you can access to Open Sea from here. Open Sea is a platform in which everyone can add his own non-fungible token and people can buy with Ethereum.

If you want to buy a Stoner Cat, you can participate in the auction, bidding the price that you prefer or you can buy directly at the established price. To do both of the operations, you need to install the extension Metamask on your browser and add Ethereum to your wallet, if you don’t have any. If you buy one, access to the show will be granted and you will be the one and only owner of your favorite Stoner Cat.

Is it the future of entertainment?

The authors have declared that all proceeds will go directly to the people who invested their itme in creating the work. Orchard Farm Production wanted to make a work like Stoner Cats through NFT as this eliminates the bureaucracy and commissions that are behind a more Hollywood-style production. The revenue, that will go directly to the authors, it’s a sign of greater freedom over the production. Now people themselves will decide the fate of entertainment, consuming what they are really interested in. The unique distribution model, via non-fungible token, is the first experiment that demonstrated a will of changing the production methods.

It will be the fans directly who will make the difference and the ownership due to non-fungible tokens allows you to resell your work, earning on your investment. This technology that travels on the blockchain is not only able to offer hours of new content but gives you the possibility to increase your revenues, through the reselling of works. We are witnessing a first step, an innovative experiment, which will lead to something never seen before both in the world of crypto and in the world of non-fungible tokens. A new wayo f collecting television products has begun. It is time to collect stoner cats.

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