The artist on the blockchain: Xcopy

The blockchain belongs to everyone. For some years now, this tool has been used to sell works of art and become owners of real collections. In 2021 there was a boom in non-fungible tokens and a bidding war took place on the various auction platforms. Artists of all kinds, singers, illustrators, and even amateurs have created or inserted their works to satisfy the taste of the public and investors. The blockchain technology that allows you to certify a work has not only appealed to ordinary people. Even high-caliber artists have wanted to have their say or have decided to show off. For some, it is the fashion of the moment, but for others, it is the occasion that will ignite the future.

in the last article dedicated to artists on the blockchain, we met the artistic duo of Hackatao.

Hackatao were among the first to jump into NFTs, as was the artist we will talk about in this article. Hackatao have been very successful due to their unique style and exhibition in several museums. Today we see XCopy one of the most famous and pioneers of non-fungible tokens.

Who is XCopy?

XCOPY is the real hitman in the crypto art world. He started as an original artist on the Overcome platform and was successful on Nifty with four launches on the platform. XCOPY also interacts regularly with the community focusing on messages of positivity and growth. You can find him on his twitter account, where he is heavily active.

We can define XCOPY as a long-time digital artist and crypto enthusiast. The artist explores death, dystopia and apathy through distorted visual loops. Warning: flashing imagery.


XCOPY is a leader in the NFT art community.

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