The TOP NFT artists in the entire world

In Valuart blog we already talked about NFTs and what they are (in article like this). For all those who were not aware of it, NFT stand for non-fungile token and are unique assets that cannot be replicated and secured by the blockchain. The ownership is certified by this technology and each owner is the exclusive owner of the work. Purchased via Ethereum crypto, NFTs can be traded and sold. The trend of this art has exploded in recent months and artists and investors have been busy giving the world a new art.

So what is an NFT really? Any digital work can become a non-fungible token: music tracks, paintings, illustrations, and even tweets. In recent months, artists have launched works of the past on the blockchain, allowing for disproportionate profits. Others threw themselves into this new experiment and managed to achieve a unique and unrepeatable success.

Painters, illustrators, and 3D artists have been busy selling their works on platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible. Fans and enthusiasts, to support their artists, bought the works at auction. This made it possible to reach a value of several million for each artist, changing the fate of the art of the future. In this article we see the artists of the NFT world who have sold the most and managed to change their work. In addition, in the end we see Italian artists selling more non-fungible tokens.

Micah Johnson


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Actually Micah Johnson as a baseball player used his racial art and created equality. His works are mainly painting with brush and sculpture and are featured in several exhibitions around the world. Johnson entered to the NFT space with a series of sculptures: Aku: The Moon Godthat represt a young boy wearing an astronaut helmet.

What is interesting is that all the sculptures sold through NFT, Johnosn sends a physical copy to all owners.The artist sold quickly1,534 copies of this series, with an average price of $2,376.15. With his other works , the Total Artwork Value is:  $3,645,017.98 /

Greg Mike


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Greg Mike is a street artist and surrealist who has combined his creativity with popular culture, giving new colors to urban spaces. His works have made an impact in several exhibitions and he decided to mint his art on the blockchain. His colorful cartoons are the hallmark of his works and, thanks to the support of collectors, they allowed him to decorate virtual walls. In February 2021 he sold his first piece, with an average of $1,976.68 per NFT and now the Total Artwork Value: $4,301,198.68



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Even those who work with music manage to achieve success on the blockchain. Deadmau5 is a DJ and producer from Canada and has sold 752 pieces, on average, at $5,605.18. The collections of the artists contains different collectibles and his tracks. There are also different types of stickers: Black and Deluxe. His total Artwork Value is: $4,314,653.48

Steve Aoki


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Everyone knows the famous DJ Steve Aoki. The artist accompanied us to several Tomorrowland events and around the radios all over the world. Recently, given the success of NFTs, he decided to throw himself headlong into this world by collaborating with other artists. In collaboration with Antoni Tudisco, he created the NFT collection “Dream Catcher”. On average the 1,216 were sold for $3,695.52 each. The artist has now created colorful and cute mascots that are accompanied by his tracks and sold on the blockchain. The total artwork Value is: $4,481,822.19 



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SlimeSunday, also known as Mike Parisella is a Boston-based artist specializing in digital collage. The success he achieved thanks to the huge following on Instagram, in which he publishes his works of art that show the erotic and the bizarre in an extravagant way. He recently entered the world of NFT and has also collaborated with the artist 3lau, providing the visual part of the musical track. He sold 6,508 NFT pieces, averaging $1,784.64 for a piece. The Total Artwork Value is $11,624,226.24.

Antoni Tudisco


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We have just mentioned Antoni Tudisco, who collaborated with Steve Aoki. Tudisco is an art director, a 3d artist and an illustrator. Having collaborated with brands such as Nike and Versace, his works revolve around the world of fashion. Hence, his NFTs contain features of this type and have been sold 1,229 pieces, averaging $ 3,783.70. The Total Artwork Value is: $4,643,181.90.



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With millions of social media followers, Bosslogic is an Australian graphic designer and concept artist. He has collaborated with several companies, which enhance his artistic talents. Bosslogic is famous for his mashups with different characters from pop culture. He started to sell his artwork as NFT, averaging $4,087.08 each, for a total of 1,148 pieces. The Total Artwork Value is: $5,022,817.04.



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Also known as Elon Musk’s wife, Grimes is a critically acclaimed artist even before joining NFT. With electronic, fairytale sound and vibes, she entered the blockchain Olympus by selling her music tracks for several million dollars. Accompanying the song, the music videos are extremely fantasies with dreamlike elements and bizarre colors, on pink and blue tones. With 1,122 artworks sold for $7,983.33 each, her highest-grossing NFT, “Death of the Old,” was sold for $388,938.00. Total Artwork Value is: $8,923,250.78.

Trevor Jones


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Jones has collaborated with the greatest NFT artists, but his journey didn’t start with the blockchain. Jones painted on the canvases, then peers moving around using QR codes and augmented reality. When he discovered Bitcoin in 2017, he became interested in crypto. So he combined art and technologies, which characterize his works. Having sold a total of 5,284 artworks averaging $3,409.65 each, his Total Artwork Value is: $18,083,354.42.



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Fewocious is just 18-years-old and he is changing the world of art. With his extremely surrealist works, he is reviving the renaissance of art. His works are colorful and depict deferred figures, such as men and women. A style that takes from Munch and revisits it in a modern way and now is selling is artworks as NFT and at Christie’s auction. The teenager artist has sold a total of 3,103 NFT pieces, averaging $5,812.16 each.The Total Artwork Value is: $18,037,594.08

Mad Dog Jones


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This Canadian artist has made himself known all over the world for his surreal illustrations and cyberpunk style. With extremely bright colors, in his works, he tells the everyday life of a not too distant future imagined by the artist. Mad Dog Jones has sold 1,567 NFT pieces, for  $9,063.52 on average. The highest piece is Boardwalk, a video sold for $388,888.00. His total artwork value is: $14,344,607.33



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Hackatao, is an italian artistic duo formed by Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. As a skilled borderliner, Hackatao blends the cultured quotes of the past with courageous and ultra-contemporary forms, standing out as an innovative exponent of the current artistic scenario. The duo sold a total of 1,504 artworks at an average of $7,310.61 for a piece. The total artwork Value is: $11,113,676.85


The mystery behind Pak is really interesting, it is not known whether it is a single individual or a collective. The artist (or artists) has been working for over twenty years and creates digital works. His works mainly concern three-dimensional geometric objects with a minimal appearance and unique colors. With 1,691 artworks sold, averaging $9,354.99 each, the highest piece was sold for $900,072.96. The Total Artwork Value is: $16,023,212.5



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Beeple, also know as Mike Winkelmann, is the bestselling NFT artist ever. The most famous artwork is “Everydays: the first 5000 days” that he sold for $69,346,250.00. The artist is famous for his daily publications of digital works that have to do with popular culture or represent very unique abstractions and surrealism. With 845 pieces sold, Beeple’s pieces average $133,849.86 each and his Total Artwork Value is: $113,100,017.88

Fabio Giampietro


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Fabio Giampietro has always been passionate about new technologies, robotics and augmented reality (in 2017 he received The Lumen Prize, the world prize for digital art), famous for his dizzying megacities seen from above also exhibited at the Royal Palace in Milan. the price of his digital works far exceeded the value of the physical works: one of the first digital works he put on this market was sold for 45 Ethereum.

Federico Clapis


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Federico Clapis begins his cryptoart journey in February 2021 and quickly ranks among the fastest-growing digital artists. The life spent in the institutional environment of art finds a new horizon in which to bring his artistic vision. The Italian artist Federico Clapis entered the world of NFTs in February 2021 and within a few months, he had sold all his works, selling his latest work in the form of a non-fungible token for $70,000.

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