A complete guide to CryptoPunks

You can see on Twitter and other social networks, users who use pixel art images of different characters, if you wondered what it was, we explain everything about CryptoPunks. In this article, we talk about one of the most famous objects of all NFTs. These small pixel artworks have opened the doors to the crypto art trend and inspired thousands of artists. We have two developers to thank if today we can buy the works of our favorite artists and, in our case, we started Valuart. They weren’t the first to create crypto art, but those who had the most resonance and have individual works worth several million. They are the ones who created crypto art with Bitcoin, which however did not certify the work to a single owner. With the arrival of the Ethereum virtual currency, things have changed and the CryptoPunks have been a unique success.


The birth of the CryptoPunks

Founders John Watkinson and Matt Hall started it all in 2017. The two developers and artists had the brilliant idea of ​​creating an automated pixel art character generator. While playing with their engineered software, they had already made 10,000 different characters. Each character had its own style and had its own characteristic that made it unique. Most had a humanoid form, while some had the faces of different animals or objects.


The pixel experiment becomes a reality

With Ethereum in its infancy, they decided to give the first 10,000 CryptoPunks to the community interested in the blockchain, at the symbolic price of gas for the transaction to obtain it. The famous tech website Mashable creates an article entitled “This ethereum-based project could change how we think about digital art” which gives further visibility to the CryptoPunks project. Already from the title, you can guess how the editor has perfectly predicted what would be (and was) the future of crypto art. The first people begin to become true owners of digital art, thanks to the Ethereum coin. We were starting to talk about what is now part of our daily life and represents the future of art as we knew it in the past.


As in any story worthy of being called such, here too there are those who win and there are those who lose. Taken by the frenzy of some users who have become owners, they have resold it at a low price. Instead, those who have been more forward-thinking, now still own it and its CryptoPunks are worth millions of dollars. Who wouldn’t want to be in their shoes?


How much does a crypto punk cost?

Who decides the price?

It is a volatile market, where the price is decided by the people who buy the cryptopunks. It is a risky market, especially that of cryptopunks.

How can I buy a cryptopunk?

To buy a Cryptopunk on OpenSea, all you need to do is purchase a listing using cryptocurrency in your Ethereum wallet. Some listings are auctions, so you can submit a bid for the Cryptopunk you want to purchase.

What is the cryptopunk sold at the highest price?

CryptoPunk 3100 was sold for $7.58M.

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