July is all about crypto art! More on the FakeWhale July lineup, Skygolpe x Christie’s and Tezos 1of1 event✨

GM to another mind-blowing week in the digital art scene! 🌞

It’s honestly incredible how the first week of July already flew by so quickly… Between the reveal of July’s FakeWhale lineup…The 1of1 Tezos event and Skygolpe announcing he will be part of Trespassing III at Christie’s….The very beginning of an incredible month ahead!

✨ Here are some highlights ✨


🎨 NFT & Metaverse News

FakeWhale Season 1 closes with an extraordinary lineup

FakeWhale Season 1 is coming to an end before its upcoming Season 2 this Fall, so what better way to close the Season if not with a July lineup featuring among the strongest artists in the space?

Leander Herzog, Etiene Crauss, Frederik Vanhoutte and Coldie: these are the artists that are going to mint their works in the FakeWhale Vault this month.

Be sure to follow the @fakewhale_xyz Twitter page to follow the careful curation of each artist and to not miss out on the upcoming Twitter Spaces!



Not to mention the insane FakeWhale Physical exhibition coming up towards the end of July 👀


One week into the Tezos 1of1 event: the magic has just begun!


The main objective behind the creation of this event was to change the narrative behind Tezos NFTs, and raise value for them by highlighting their uniqueness. One week in, let’s just say the amazing team behind this initiative is truly exceeding all positive expectations we already had!


At the time of writing, thousands of #1of1 artworks have already been minted, reaching over 100k in sales volume!


@LN0ir and @lakitukl, two founding members of this extraordinary movement, talk all about the backstory and future in an interview we had together that you can listen to below 👇



✨ Skygolpe x Christie’s: Trespassing 3.0 curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino 


Previous Trespassing Auctions have been a milestone at the intersection between art & technology.



Now, comes Trespassing III — An auction from today, July 8th until July 21st at Christie’s curated by Ronnie K. Pirovino that will feature the work of Skygolpe.

In the next few hours, further details will finally be revealed so stay tuned ✨


✨ Proof Of People: An NFT Festival for Art & Culture


From Wednesday, July 6th until today, July 8th, VerticalCrypto Art is hosting Proof of People, the very first immersive 3-day festival powered by the Tezos Foundation, where Web3 Art, Fashion and Music take over London.


This event featured over 50 artists, multi-sensorial experiences using blockchain technology, live music and a curated programme of panel talks…and will still be open today until 5 pm, so if you are in London, you still have the chance to stop by.


Last Friday, FakeWhale also hosted a Live with Micol from VerticalCrypto and Jesse Draxler that you can check out below 👇



🍿 Events this Month.

MetaVanity. A meta-exhibition.

📅 Ongoing exhibition.



📚 Book of the Month.


July’s book recommendation is “The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society”.


We are living through a period of unprecedented technological change, can we keep up with it? In this book, Azeem Azhar does an amazing job at highlighting the gap between the pace of change and our ability to adapt, offering an unprecedented framework for understanding the impact of technology on the economy, politics, and the future.



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