Last hours to get the Spike by Bansky NFT! | Valuart Izzy’s Weekly Newsletter

I don’t know about you, but I still can’t get over last Thursday’s Banksy ‘Spike’ NFT drop.

It’s current bid is at 5 ETH but I’m curious to see what the last bid will be for by the time the auction closes.

That’s right, you heard me – THE AUCTION IS STILL LIVE. As a matter of fact, you are still in time to make your offer, as there are still 48 hour to participate and own this unique NFT.


Start Collecting

We have also added on our platform exclusive behind the scenes content of our work with the physical Banksy Spike artwork, of the process behind the rebirth of this exceptional work as a new NFT, as well as of the opening of our beautiful physical Valuart NFT Gallery in Lugano!


Eddie and I will dive deeper into this during our next podcast this week, so be sure to not miss out.

But for now, let’s focus on this week’s Crypto & NFT news…

Ethereum Classic completes Magneto Hard-Fork

In last week’s podcast, Eddie and I mentioned the possibilities of a ‘hard-fork’ in blockchain technology, due to bugs or simply the need to change the code for different purposes.

Well, on the 24th of July Ethereum Classic has announced the successful implementation of the Magneto hard-fork on the ETC network, previously mentioned back in June:


So, last time we mentioned the community devoted to ETC is tied to the original code, as opposed to the ETH community, but what is essentially the difference between the two?

Vitalik Buterin put it down in very simple words during a recent interview, explaining the primary difference between developers committed to ETC, which lies in will to remain on a Proof-Of-Work blockchain in opposition to a Proof-Of-Stake one, to which ETH aspires to.


Blockchain & NFTs revolutionizing the Gaming Industry – Axie Infinity soars up to 131% becoming the largest gaming cryptocurrency in the market

“If only I could be paid for all the time spent playing video games” was one of our most common thoughts during our childhood and teen years. Better late than never, those desires have finally become reality! (soon we might want to get back to gaming to earn for a living hehe)

Now, not only can you have fun while gaming, but turn that fun into an investment opportunity thanks to Axie Infinity, among the play-to-earn games emerging.

Sure, many classic games include complex economic systems but play-to-earn games are bringing it to the next level, blending to a further extent real life and the metaverse.

Axie Infinity, is a Pokémon-style game developed by Vietnamese Sky Mavis, and currently counts for 350,000 daily active users primarily in the Philippines, Venezuela and US.


But here is the cool part: SLPs are actual cryptocurrencies that can be bought and sold at any given time on a crypto exchange, just like the Axie NFTs, via Ethereum blockchain.

What side are you on, Axies or CryptoKitties?

Izzy’s Book Club

During last week’s episode, Eddie and I got lost into talking about robot dogs and how the future could either be dystopian or utopian with the advancement of technology and blockchain…I’d like to think of it more as a protopia.

That’s exactly why for this week’s book club I am suggesting one of my favourite reads of all times: The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future, by Jeff Booth.

And by the way, “Tomorrow” is already happening right NOW, as you are reading this newsletter – through these pages, Jeff discusses the flaws of our current unsustainable financial system and how technological development will be able to pull us towards the opposite direction.

He summarizes unrelated trends in today’s world to then reveal how they are actually intertwined and will impact our future.

But how? For the better or the worst?

This is where Jeff both warns us and states his call to action: we have all it takes to have a bright, abundant future… but only if we are able to adapt to the changes that technology is bringing.

Will we be able to embrace this disruption for the best?


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