NFTs will become a fan’s persistent gateway to unlocking unique experiences

It’s officially Bitcoin season again!

And just as Bitcoin (BTC) price reached its all-time-high, Ether (ETH) price followed, reaching $4,379 at the time of writing.

However, while the most focus has been on BTC and Ether these last couple of weeks, other multiple altcoins have had notable gains as traders expect the next alt season run.

Speaking of altcoins, the famous Memecoin Shiba Inu price has exploded over the last weekend…Will we see the same for competitor Dogecoin that has been dormant for a while?

Shiba Inu sure isn’t sleeping and has just announced its very own Shiboshi Social Club, which offers exclusive perks for all Shiboshi NFT owners and the community.


This might spice up a few things in the NFT space, because if on one hand the crypto market seems to be bullish, the NFT space is definitely bearish: floor prices have been cut in half at many leading NFT projects this week.

The floor at Bored Apes Yacht Club, the second highest ranking individual NFT project in terms of lifetime volume, has dropped to 29.47 from 44.05 ETH.

Just like the floors at LOOTS, Pudgy Penguins, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Mekaverse, are all at least 45% below their all-time highs.

This is a detail we can’t ignore, as the first thing investors look at when investing in an NFT is the floor price, which determines the value. But let’s not panic right now…Just like we tend to buy the dip in the DeFi space, it seems the best moment to do the same in the NFT space.


NFTs are not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, we still need to fulfill the full potential of NFTs. The industry is already evolving from NFT 1.0 (NFTs as digital collectibles) to NFT 2.0 (NFTs with utility at the core).

As Ben Arnon, co-founder at NFT platform Curio says “NFTs will become a fan’s persistent passport and gateway to unlocking unique experiences — both online and offline. This will occur as NFT collections become smarter, more strategic, more gamified and deliver meaningful utility that sustains long-term fan engagement.”

Izzy’s Book Club


Usually I bring only very tech & crypto oriented books to our weekly book club, but this week I’d love to bring one of my favorite reads:

The Polymath: Unlocking the Power of Human Versatility, by Waqas Ahmed.

This book is absolutely an insightful read, that page by page reminds us of our human potential, and how to maximise it.

Why am I suggesting it now? Well, what better period if not during the peak of the Great Resignation.

In a world that tells us to specialize in only one thing, to practically live to work, Waqas encourages us to chase our dreams and break free from our pre-constructed beliefs.

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