Opera Meets Fine Art and Utility in Demotapers Classics: All about Today’s Drop featuring Italian Tenor Vittorio Grigolo’s “Una Furtiva Lagrima”

GM! Romance is in the air this Friday with Demotapers’ “Una Furtiva Lagrima” by Vittorio Grigolo dropping today. Read all about it in today’s Newsletter 🎭  

◼️ Demotapers Classics x “Una Furtiva Lagrima” : a Drop at the intersection of Opera, Fine Art & Utility

Today the curtains open on the second act of Demotapers as Demotapers Classics drops on objktcom with Vittorio Grigolo’s “Una Furtiva Lagrima” interpreted visually by Laurence Fuller and Von Doyle. “I wanted to see how we could modernize Donizetti’s opera, which was written at the beginning of the 19th century, in order to bring it into the Web3 era of digital art.” __Von Doyle   “Vittorio’s voice singing this exceptional rendition of a classic weaving beautiful expressions of high emotion through these visions of a lost world and side by side with my spoken word reading of the English translation ~ brought a new found inspiration to my process.” __ Laurence Fuller A drop, in which opera & fine art meet utility, because in addition to offering an unparalleled opportunity to owning a rare masterpiece, holders of 1/1 tokens by Laurence Fuller and Von Doyle will also receive access to one of Vittorio Grigolo’s concerts worldwide.   The drop will take place on objktcom today, January 27th at 6 pm CET / 12 pm ET, with the following dynamics:   ▪️ Laurence Fuller will present two pieces, the first consisting of 999 editions at 6 xtz each, whereas the second consisting of a 1/1 with a fixed price at 1500 xtz. ▪️ Von Doyle will present a 1/1 piece up to auction over the course of 24 hours, with the minimum bid starting at 500 xtz. For more behind-the-scenes on the drop, tune into the recording of yesterday’s Spaces ⬇️  

◼️ Fakewhale Cross x “Reflections of Ours” : A Collaborative Work by Laurence Fuller and Vincent D’Onofrio 

  Demotapers is not Laurence’s only drop this week — On Tuesday, January 24th Laurence Fuller and Vincent D’Onofrio released “Reflections of Ours”, a Fakewhale Cross drop which went sold out!     “After our first collaboration “Flood Of The Soul”, (w/ Henrik Uldalen and Ruben Fro), Vincent sent me this performance with some direction accompanying it, that it was to be two voices speaking inside of himself looking back on a lost love.    “It’s about stepping outside of myself and as I narrate I’m looking at myself and a woman experiencing falling in love.”   I created hundreds of AI portraits to accompany the AI animations of Vincent and this mystery woman he was falling in love with.    I wanted the characters physicality to have that same dance like quality to their expressions, a theatrical quality. And yet for the performances of the text to have a quiet intimacy that inner thoughts have.    As for me, I know my poetry comes from journaling, often journaling for character and script analysis, breaking down story and character archs. And now that visuals and poetry and performances have performance qualities, they are all performance art.” __ Laurence Fuller  

◼️ Fakewhale Cross presents the Second Volume of Visual Detachment : A Drop Curated by Nifty Gateway

  On February 1st, Visual Detachment returns with an exclusive drop featuring artists Jesse Draxler, Nikita Diakur, Lucas Aguirre, and diewiththemostlikes.     Stay tuned for more details 🔗  

◼️ Highlights of The Week


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