“Untitled”: Discovering a Never-Before-Seen Masterpiece by René Magritte Curated by Paolo Dabbrescia

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“Untitled”: Discovering a Never-Before-Seen Masterpiece by René Magritte Curated by Paolo Dabbrescia

Valuart Studio presents the first chapter of “Untitled”: discovering a never-before-seen masterpiece by René Magritte curated by Paolo Dabbrescia.


After remaining undiscovered in a private collection for over 60 years, this exclusive René Magritte artwork will be accessible to the public from February 9th to 16th, in the Valuart Gallery (Lugano-Paradiso, CH), as part of an unpredecented, multisensory exhibition format, where visitors will “immersed” in an ocean of digital textures and animations, partly modeled and partly generated by artificial intelligence with the most advanced AI engines.


Join us for a new way to experience art that puts technology and curation at the forefront.

Make sure you don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and reserve your free visit now at [email protected] (subject to availability)


We express our sincere gratitude to the president of the Magritte Foundation, Monsieur Charly Herscovici, and the Comité Magritte, for certifying the authenticity of the work, and to our partners Zarattini & Co BankTaurus Asset Management for supporting this initiative.


Demotapers: An Overview of last week’s “Una Furtiva Lagrima” drop 


Last week we had the opportunity to witness operatic masterpieces that transcend time…

Today, one week after the second act of Demotapers, we’re thrilled to share the overview of Vittorio Grigolo’s “Una Furtiva Lagrima” x Demotapers interpreted visually by Laurence Fuller and Von Doyle on objktcom:


Collectors: 167 (owning at least 1 edition)
Fans: 1 (owning at least 2 distinct NFTs)
Total Collected: 3564.98 XTZ | Artists: 842.12 XTZ | Collectors: 2633.74 XTZ
Net gains: 166.94 XTZ | Artists: 842.12 XTZ | Collectors: 1009.06 XTZ



Be on the lookout for the next drop this February. Can you guess who will be featured?


Visual Detachment: A Fakewhale Cross Drop Curated by Nifty Gateway

“Retina Misconceptions allow Boundless Medium”

In a succession of the “Visual Detachment” debut exhibition, works from an array of artists experimenting with different mediums gathered once again to challenge perceptions and expand visual horizons — But this time, as part of a drop.

On February 1st Fakewhale Cross presented the second volume of “Visual Detachment”, a Nifty Gateway curated drop featuring artists Jesse Draxler, Nikita Diakur, Lucas Aguirre, and diewiththemostlikes.


In terms of dynamics, the drop occurred over a period of 24 hours in the following format:


Reluctant Hero by Jesse Draxler  – 3/3 Ranked Auction


Reluctant Hero is a modern classic of both collage as well as figurative representation. Originally composed in 2018 Draxler has continued to digitally altered and tightened this masterpiece up until January of 2023. The finished result is a timeless work of existential ingenuity. 

Dos by Lucas Aguirre – First come first serve – 10 Editions


Oil on canvas, digital sculpture made in virtual reality.  


thethingsweusedtoeat by diewiththemostlikes – 15/15 Ranked Auction

mom would get us a sheet cake
at some point during the year
and it never celebrated anything in particular
simply appearing without ceremony
or decoration
and we ate in silence
never mentioning it didn’t have much flavor
or what we remembered when we were kids
but we would finish it
because her eyes suggested we should
and we weren’t sure how many more cakes there would be
so we ate
even though it brought relief instead of happiness
after the first piece

we’d hide pieces in the trash later in the week

telling her we’d eaten it

and it meant a lot to us

that she’d bought it for us

and sometimes she’d glance at the cupboard we kept the trash in

and cry

and we’d tell her it was full of memories instead of cake

which seemed to stop the crying for a bit

later we’d fall asleep to the whistling in the holes of the moon

and wonder when the next cake would appear 


Drone on off by Nikita Diakur – Open Edition


Simulated marionette and drone. 1920×1920. Part of the Ugly project.


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