Untitled – Magritte: All About The Opening Event at The Valuart Gallery

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Untitled – Magritte: All About The Opening Event at The Valuart Gallery

Yesterday, February 9th, marked the opening of the Untitled Exhibition at the Valuart Gallery, a new exhibition format by Valuart and Paolo Dabbrescia that showcases rare works of art kept secret in private collections for years, re-imagined within an immersive experience made possible through a unique blend of technology and curation.


The first volume is dedicated to René Magritte, an undisputed master of Surrealism, and to his work Untitled — A drawing purchased from an art gallery in Milan shortly after Magritte created it, not too long before his death in 1967, to then remain undiscovered in a private collection for over 60 years.


Through a multisensory, art-driven experience, visitors can now explore the past, present, and future by immersing themselves in a world of digital textures and animations, partly modeled and partly generated by artificial intelligence using the most advanced AI engines.

Here are a few words from Paolo Dabbrescia shared during an interview with Radio3i:

The Untitled exhibition will be open to the public until February 16th, so make sure to reserve your visit at [email protected]


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