Autumn is here, and so is Valuart Solos x Clapis: an Interview.

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🖌️NFT Highlights

Valuart Solos x Clapis: An Interview

Federico Clapis is an Italian visual artist who took his first steps into the world of crypto art in 2021, quickly positioning himself among the world’s leading artists in this new era.

Right now, Federico Clapis is also the protagonist of the next Valuart Solos, where his artworks become a sort of itinerary through what is humankind’s most profound connection with technology, creating a shared interiority between the artist and the observer.


It was a pleasure to invite him to talk about his artworks and long-term vision on the Valuart Podcast on this special occasion:

Watch the full interview below ⬇️

✨Clapis’ AR physical drop coming out today

Today not only marks the release of Clapis’ Valuart Solos, but also his latest AR Physical drop.

Starting from today, September 21st at 12 pm ET, there will be a 48-hour window during which those who purchase the pieces “Secondary Space”, “Concretes” and “Flooded Ruins” on the Nifty secondary market will be gifted “Hand-Retouched Paper”, a limited AR drop (30 total).

This is an opportunity for all collectors to take advantage of the secondary market but also to welcome new ones. In addition, Diamond Hand collectors will receive a special dedication on the back of the purchased piece, making it a truly unmissable opportunity.

Getting ready for September 23rd’s reward reveal.

✨Plug-Mi – A tribute to the artists featured in the temporary art gallery curated by Valuart


Remember when 12 exceptional artists took part in the temporary art gallery at the Plug-MI event in Milan earlier this month?
We are still feeling the power of that frequency.
Check out our video tribute.


✨All about the NFT-In Event in Paris last weekend

NFT-In, founded by the Motion Plus Design team, is well-known for producing high-end NFT events to live audiences that celebrate the greatest NFT artists in America, Europe, and Asia.

On Saturday, September 17th, the first European edition of NFT-In launched at Paris’ Théâtre du Gymnase, bringing together renowned crypto-artists and industry leaders in a series of inspiring talks.

Curators: Colborn Bell, Sofia Garcia, Han

Speakers: Osinachi, Skygolpe, Obvious, Monica Rizzolli, Robert Alice, Emi Kusano, Patricia Gloum, Sofia Garcia, Andreas Gysin, Sofia Crespo, Eleonora Brizi, William Mapan

✨ All about the launch of Crypto Art Begins: An open-edition phygital NFT

Nifty Gateway released Crypto Art Begins on Monday, September 19th by The NFT Magazine — An open edition commemorating the launch of the physical book dedicated to crypto art, in which 50 of the leading NFT artists, including Hackatao, Kevin Abosch, Robness, Sofia Crespo, and Trevor Jones, contributed.

When collectors purchase these pieces, they receive a physical copy of Crypto Art Begins with a special cover designed by one of the 50 featured artists along with the opportunity to receive an NFT that can be used as an entry pass to exclusive shots, events, and private initiatives featuring the collection’s artists, partners, and curators.

Check out the drop here

✨ Andrea Chiampo & the story behind the iconic Pepe Collection

Andrea Chiampo is a London-based italian Digital Artist and Concept Designer for the Entertainment Industry.


One of his most recognizable collections is “Futured Past,” which is packed with symbolism, secrets, and visions – a series he began experimenting with in 2019.

Then, there’s another iconic collection that takes us through the majestic world of Pepe: “PEPEREOBONUS”.


Andrea created this token as a tribute to the Pepe community in general, where a supply of 100 tokens were added, with the very first piece burned as an act of sacrifice.

Dropped in mid-September, this series consists of 100 editions, all of which sold out within 3 minutes.

A collection, where the style reminds one of his work on SuperRare, namely the well-known “Futured Past”, but that is different and falls into the category of Pepes that are “Fake Rare” – Not because they aren’t rare, but because they aren’t vintage cards, that is, the very first Pepe cards created back in 2018 – Where everything started.

View the full collection here:

📚Book of the Month 

Last week to finish reading Ways of seeing, by John Berger.

Based on the BBC television series, John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” is a classic must-read that will open up a whole new world to its readers.

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