‘Brave New Circuitry’ : all about Sutu’s latest drop with Fakewhale Cross on Nifty Gateway

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This last week has been all about a special debut and exciting events in the crypto-art scene.


NFT Highlights

✨All about Fakewhale’s debut on Nifty Gateway with Sutu’s ‘Brave New Circuitry’ collection

September 28th, marked Fakewhale Cross’ debut on Nifty Gateway with an extraordinary drop by Australian digital artist Sutu — ‘Brave New Circuitry’.

Sutu aka Stuart Campbell is an Australian digital artist, XR specialist & storyteller who combines art with technology to tell stories in new, immersive ways.

In ‘Brave New Circuitry’, vibrant, animated cyber-futuristic characters come to tell the story of the new “Digital Natives” as part of a new Metaverse that is unfolding before us: not without reason, viewers may feel as if they resonate with many of the traits proposed.

The drop consisted of two pieces and was structured in 2 different segments: a 1/1 auction and an open edition that were both live for 24 hours.


Landing page to drop ⬇️



✨Valuart Solos presents Sutu

In parallel with last week’s drop, Valuart Solos is proud to present Sutu within a captivating IRL exhibition curated by Fakewhale featuring the two artworks part of ‘Brave New Circuitry’.

What is our role? How do we define our identities? How do our worlds coexist? An innate connection is bound to foster a broader conversation between spectators and this collection, becoming a space to contemplate and find answers.

To accompany it all, we invited Sutu on the Valuart Podcast to tell us more about this drop, his artistic journey and Metaverse-driven projects.


✨A Reunion you won’t want to miss: HEN Reunion 2022


Over the weekend, there was a mint party on the Teia Community dedicated to HEN.

Rules? No rules — Anyone was free to mint, also those who had never minted in HEN in the past, and free to choose whichever edition and price range.

The only rule, was to remember to use #HENreunion

✨SINTAGMA by Blessend – “A reflection about a new perspective words composition”

This week on our Valuart drop radar, we wanted to highlight SINTAGMA, a Super Rare drop by Blessend accompanied by the sound design of Amedeo Inglese.

“Human beings have always had the need to communicate, to write and to leave a mark.

History is often remembered through symbolism and words are the basis of everything.

this is my contribute to the letter and typography history.”


A combination of biblical letters and classical iconography packaged inside frames depicting real blocks accompanied by sculptures for each letter brings to life SINTAGMA, a 3D animation comprised of documents that demonstrate the study of concepts with opposite meanings.

An artwork that becomes the ultimate reflection of a whole new perspective on the way words combine: during the creative process which involved the use of a “cells system”, it became clear to Blessend that there were deeper, hidden meanings, that he had to unearth.

Soon after this realization, a pattern was created by using the motion of the axes, thereby creating a wider communication and flow between all blocks – 96 in total, per front, created by breaking words into four parts, while also dividing letters into four parts.

Resulting in every word having an understanding key divided into 2 parts: a crucial detail for Blessend driven by the desire to create a different sculpture for each letter, as every letter belongs to a different concept, composing a total of 48 sculptures.

Find out more about the drop here ⬇️


✨Italian Tech week: Achille Lauro steps into the Metaverse with HADEM

On Friday, Italian singer-songwriter Achille Lauro took the stage at the Italian Tech week in Turin for an interview with Ernesto Assante alongside Etan Genini, CEO of Valuart, and Leonardo Vigolo from the DBAL team to present his most recent initiative: entering the Metaverse.

As Achille Lauro mentions in this exchange, it’s never easy for him and his team to see all their hard work and efforts come to an end with the closing of every show. And it is precisely for this reason that they see a solution in the Metaverse: a place in which their works will continue to exist and engage spectators well after every show is over.

A vision, that is on its way to becoming reality with “Directed by Achille Lauro”, a project realized in partnership with HADEM, Valuart and the DBAL team.

Coming soon. January 2023.

Full interview here ⬇️


In case you missed these events…

There have been a lot of exciting Web3 events in the last few days…

Let’s dive right back into some of them!

Fakewhale x Nifty Gateway Spaces (9/28)

Last Wednesday we held Fakewhale x Nifty Gateway Spaces with Sutu in view of his ‘Brave New Circuitry drop’.

Skygolpe’s Solo Exhibition in Zurich (9/29)


Last Thursday Skygolpe’s works from the Paint On Pixel series were presented in a private solo exhibition in Zurich (CH).



📚Book of the Month 

Did you enjoy reading Ways of seeing, by John Berger this month?!

Stay tuned for the full review next week along with the reveal of October’s read!


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