New Adventures, Limitless Horizons: Valuart welcomes 2023


Valuart Wrapped – 2022




As the world faces economic turmoil.


It can get easy to lose sight of what truly matters.


When did we become blind, by our very own quest for a different path?


Yet against all odds, creativity thrived throughout adversity. To inspire, heal and connect.


Artists of the past, present and future shone as a beacon of purpose and long-term perspective, using their art to demonstrate the resilience and potential of this ecosystem.


We had the opportunity to explore the intersections of physical and digital spaces, experiment with no boundaries, and recall how our physical and digital nature have always been interconnected.


Pixels of legacy, songs of resilience, and sculptures reminded us of the wonders of the universe and reconciled us with our nature.


Though the future may be uncertain, art has come to remind us that we are on a remarkable journey. Part of a broader movement.


So as we move into the next chapter, let us look back on the milestones and abundance of the past year, and acknowledge its power for the future to come.


Each work of art is a page in a book, and this book is still being written.


Thanks for being part of this journey with us as we enter 2023.


Explore a New Multi-Sensory in HADEM with Maison Valentino’s Holiday Collection in MetaVanity 


Over the holidays HADEM unveiled a new room: a Vanity Fair multi-sensory experience within MetaVanity created in collaboration with Valuart, to kick off Maison Valentino’s special holiday collection.



Embroidered floral patterns, sequins, jewel-effect rhinestones, shimmering fabrics, and bright hues with golden accents: in this space three avatars, dressed in “The Party Collection 2022” by Maison Valentino convey the essence of the holidays through captivating words, images, and visual effects.


An experience that advocates for new levels of self-expression and personal freedom, grounded in the inherent qualities of the metaverse.

Join the party anytime by downloading the HADEM App through the link below:


On January 27th Demotapers returns with the Second Act featuring Vittorio Grigolo & “Una Furtiva Lagrima”



From his debut as soloist in the choir of the Sistine Chapel to his role as leading tenor in the most prestigious theatres in the world, the career of Vittorio Grigolo is a story of talent, passion and dedication.


Born in Arezzo and raised in Rome, Vittorio has and continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his powerful voice and charismatic stage presence, performing at some of the world’s most distinguished opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera, La Scala, and the Royal Opera House and Covent Garden.


Along with many forays into the world of pop music, proving himself as the legitimate heir to the format successfully pursued by his mentor Pavarotti.


Today, Demotapers is proud to announce its return on January 27th with an intense story of unrequited love, longing and hope as Vittorio Grigolo interprets the powerful and evocative “Una furtiva lagrima” composed by Gaetano Donizetti for Italian opera “Elisir D’amore”.


Stay tuned next week as we announce the visual artists who will remix this masterpiece.


PCE: Post Concrete Semiotics – Skygolpe’s Solo Show x Nighttimestory from January 4th-February 20th

“Objective clarity is an external concept”



PCS: Post Concrete Semiotics is Skygolpe’s latest thought-provoking solo exhibition presented by Nighttimestory, now live until February 20th, 2023.

Throughout the exhibition, human behavior and the mind’s malleability are explored, along with how technology shapes and reshapes our understanding of ourselves and one another.


Works, that blur the lines between virtual and physical experiences — through an emphasis on the exterior and aesthetics of technology, viewers are invited to consider the impact of the digital on their own lives and experiences, and question the boundaries between the two.


By combining digital and analogue elements, Skygolpe creates a hybrid result that exists in the middle of the virtual and real worlds. Ultimately, through the arrangement and juxtaposition of works, the exhibition aims to provoke reflection on the decisive role technology plays in our lives.


Find out more about the exhibition:

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