Objkt One: All About Last Week’s Debut Drop & Art Dubai 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been almost a week since the highly anticipated launch of Objkt One! Here are some core highlights.


Objkt One: All About The Debut Launch Drop & Art Dubai 

Objkt One is Objkt.com’s newest 1/1 curated platform — A premier destination to discover and connect with rare, limited edition art in the Tezos ecosystem, that launched on March 1st with a drop curated by Objkt.com and Fakewhale featuring a killer lineup including The Acid Camels (Coldie, Raphael, Nate Esway), Esra Eslen, Gary Edward Blum, Goldcat, Jenni Pasanen, Jesse Draxler, Kevin Abosch, Lorna Mills, Max Papeschi, Mimmo Dabbrescia, Le Chat N0ir, neurocolor, Omentejovem, Qubibi, and Zancan with Aleksandra Artamonovskaja.


Let’s take a look at the overview of the drop:


Dune Riders of the Burning Sage by TheAcidCamels (Coldie, Raphael, Nate Esway)
closed at 2,420.00 XTZ



jo20O2in923Je by Qubibi

closed at 7,200.00 XTZ



Ave Atque Vale by Lorna Mills

closed at 600 XTZ



Sun by Esra Eslen 

closed at 716 XTZ




closed at 1,200.00 XTZ



Silenced by Jesse Draxler

closed at 2,800.00 XTZ



Study For a Novel Encryption by Kevin Abosch

closed at 3,900.00 XTZ



Crystal Pill by Le Chat N0ir

closed at 999.00 XTZ



Moving Towers to Catch a Sunset in New York by zancan x Aleksandra Art

closed at 17,000.00 XTZ



Magical Mystery Burger by Max Papeschi

closed at 4,100.00 XTZ



Salvador Dalì – Port Lligat – 1963 by Mimmo Dabbrescia

closed at 3,100.00 XTZ



But there are also some rare gems still up to auction, including:


One by Jenni Pasanen
Reserved price 5,000.00 XTZ



Ndege by Goldcat 

Reserved price 6,000.00 XTZ



allomorph by neurocolor

Reserved price 25,000.00 XTZ



Id, Ego and Superego by Omentejovem 

Reserved price 26,942.00 XTZ



From March 1st to March 5th all Objkt One works were visible at the Fakewhale & Objkt One joint booth X-13 as part of art-rooted experiences, produced by Valuart Studio.



Works, that were exposed alongside the FW Vault collection



FW CROSS – A New Weekly Format Set to Debut on March 8th


Tomorrow March 8th, FW Cross debuts with its newest weekly format with a stellar lineup featuring Quirarte + Ornelas, Manuel Fois, Alejandro Javaloyas & Festinalente



Stay tuned on the official Fakewhale Twitter profile for further updates.

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