RIP HEN 🪦 It’s time to mint in memory of the early HEN days

GM, the Valuart Newsletter is out!! ☕

Ready for RIP HEN?!

✨ RIP HEN – It’s time to mint in memory of HEN

Having teased you with a few details last week, and with a Spaces this Monday, it’s time to give you the full scoop.

Last year, on November 11th, 2021, the shutdown of the official HEN page marked not only a historic moment in the crypto-art scene, but also a moment that brought Fakewhale into being, with the first RIP HEN curated by Jesse Draxler at the Valuart gallery.

This year, on November 11th, RIP HEN makes a return at the Valuart Gallery to commemorate the early HEN days but this time, extending itself also within the online realm: from November 11th to November 16th, the whole community is invited to mint in memory of HEN and collect the pieces by using the hashtag #RIPHEN with the support of NFTBiker’s Event page tool.

An initiative, presented by Fakewhale in partnership with Valuart, 1of1, HERE & NOW, and The Tickle.

The IRL exhibition will be open from November 11th to November 16th, with a special dedicated event in gallery on November 12th evening, from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm CET.

Stay tuned also for a special book reveal dedicated to RIP HEN by Yuki Ama during this time, Creative Director of Valuart and Fakewhale ✨


✨ Valuart Solos presents Achille Lauro

Valuart Solos presents Achille Lauro: a journey through the multiverse where art, design, and fashion collide to inspire new cross-reality ideas, collaborations, and limitless creativity.


Achille Lauro is setting the standard for endless innovation and creativity in the entertainment and fashion industries.


As part of this exhibition, spectators can experience a preview of the digital space that will launch in February 2023, “Directed by Achille Lauro” – Achille Lauro’s debut in the metaverse, hosted on HADEM.


“Directed by Achille Lauro” will be a digital container of experiences created by Achille and his team, in which some of the most significant aesthetic and creative concepts of his career to date will be highlighted, including the iconic garments of Sanremo 2020 and 2021 realized in collaboration with Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of the Gucci Maison.


On the occasion of the Valuart Solos, we also had the opportunity to interview Achille and learn more about his upcoming drop on on November 4th with NFT LIVE SUPERART, a drop that will inaugurate his debut in the metaverse with “Directed by Achille Lauro” project.


✨ Digital Art week comes to London from November 3rd to November 10th

Exhibitions. Talks. Parties. If you are in London this week, you are going to want to stop by the Digital Art Week (DAW) that will take place from November 3rd to November 10th, featuring the 33NFT & The Medici collections showcasing artworks that have literally made crypto and digital art history.

You can get your tickets here:

Future editions are also planned to take place in Paris, Lisbon, New York, Miami, Seoul, and Tokyo.

✨ Art Gobblers NFT project by Rick and Morty co-creator & Paradigm reaches an all-time-high on Opensea this month

Designed by Justin Roiland, co-creator of “Rick and Morty” and web3 firm Paradigm, Art Gobblers is an experimental “decentralized art factory” with an ecosystem that revolves around NFTs and GOO tokens.

On October 31st the first collection dropped (revealing the artworks on November 1st), consisting of 1,700 NFTs which were free-to-mint for all whitelisted users; a collection, that transcended the OpenSea rankings for the highest-trading NFT collections in the last week, reaching over 16.5 ETH in trading volume in the first 24 hours.

So, what’s all the hype about?

Besides the popularity of Rick and Morty’s founder, people are really drawn to the utility behind each NFT: Each NFT in the collection functions as an art gallery, where NFT holders can create and sell their own artwork and earn GOOs, the project’s token: precisely thanks to this GOO token, NFT holders can create art on the Art Gobblers website, “digest” the work, and display it on their “art bellies” — But also, stake GOO!

The more the GOO, the more Art.

✨The Instagram NFT marketplace is officially live


It was around this time last year that the first rumors about Instagram introducing NFTs began to circulate. In the Spring, the rumors were confirmed, and in the Summer, the roadmap was revealed.

Now, comes the latest update: Instagram’s NFT marketplace feature backed by Polygon will first be tested among a small group of creators in the U.S. including Refik Anadol, Jason Seife, Amber Vittoria and Dave Krugman to name a few, before extending itself to the broader public shortly after.

What about gas fees?

For now, it’s confirmed that until at least 2024, Meta will not charge fees for displaying and sharing digital collectibles on Instagram or Facebook, or for selling them. However, it did comment that “digital collectible purchases made within the Instagram app on the Android and iOS operating systems are subject to applicable app store fees.”

Whereas when it comes to royalties, creator royalty percentages are expected to range from 5% to 25%

This is a huge step for web3 in becoming mainstream, so it will be exciting to see how the broader public embraces it.



This book’s read is “The Creativity Code: How AI is learning to write, paint and think” by Marcus du Sautoy

Can machines be creative?


“The Creativity Code” examines how our emotions are influenced by patterns and structures, as well as what it means to be creative in mathematics, art, language, and music. As well as the possibilities of a world in which machines can compose symphonies and paint masterpieces, and whether those machines might inspire us to be more imaginative.


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