#RIPHEN: all about the online event & IRL exhibition lineup 🪦

GM to memorable times in the Tezos community. Did you mint & collect in memory of the early HEN days?!

This Week’s Highlights

▪️ All about the #RIPHEN online event and IRL exhibition

This year RIP HEN made its return at the Valuart Gallery, but this time, alongside a dedicated online event: from November 11th to November 16th, the whole community was invited to mint in memory of HEN and collect through the hashtag #RIPHEN with the support of NFTBiker’s Event page tool ⬇️



An event, presented by Fakewhale in partnership with Valuart, 1of1, HERE & NOW, and The Tickle and NFTBiker.


Let’s take a closer look at the event’s key moments & highlights:


– #RIPHEN Live minting on Tezos-based platforms from 11/11 (11 am CET) to 11/16 (11 pm CET) which saw an amazing outcome with 21,315 editions sold on primary.


– IRL exhibition at the Valuart Gallery in Lugano Paradiso (CH) curated by Fakewhale from November 11th to November 16th featuring an epic lineup .


– HERE & NOW Art Tour: a virtual art tour where Chris Coleman (@digitalcoleman) walked spectators through “H=N Retrospective,” an exhibition displaying the most important works that have truly shaped the history of HEN.




– The Tickle Magazine RIP HEN feature



– The outstanding support of the 1of1 art initiative with dedicated Spaces


– RIP HEN 2023 book release announcement



On March 3rd, 2023 there will be the launch of a printed and digital edition of “RIPHEN: The Death and Rebirth of a Decentralized Cultural Movement”, a book by Yuki Ama (@yukiamasan) – Creative Director of Valuart and Fakewhale.


“It has been almost a year since the demise of Hic et Nunc, and the Tezos community is still trying to figure out what happened. But one thing is certain: the sudden demise of Hic et Nunc was a unique event in the history of digital art, and we are here to celebrate it.”


Throughout the book, Yuki Ama recounts the most impactful moments of Hic et Nunc through an extensive curation of artworks that illustrate the emergence, demise, and final rebirth of a decentralized cultural movement rooted in a passionate community that continues to embody its values of inclusion, experimentation and diversity to this day.

Full disclosure coming soon.


▪️ Fakewhale Cross Editions x Elbi – SOLD OUT

Today Fakewhale Cross Editions dropped with @Elbi on Objkt, going SOLD OUT. Congratulations to the collectors.

“In Control”
10 Editions – 15xtz


▪️ Meet us at the intersection of Music & Art: presenting DEMOTAPERS

An unmissable Spaces: On Monday, November 21st at 6 pm CET/12 pm ET, we will be hosting a dedicated Spaces to present DEMOTAPERS, the REMIXERS and their works that will be protagonists of the upcoming drop on December 1st with Planet Funk’s ‘Chase The Sun’ track.

Will you be tuning in?

📍@valuartdotcom w/ co-host @demotapers


🎙️Hosted by Valuart with @alexneridj@MatteoZarcone Planet Funk and @LaurenceFuller @LN0ir @yzzible @yukiamasan  @ex_mortal_ @Daria_Rastunina @MonsutaGlitch @v_kaoru @JayVisuual @davidvnun @gammatrace_ @chepertom @haydiroket @daniloxhema @ygoralvesl 


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Other November highlights


▪️ Skygolpe’s “Paint on Pixel” installation view at the Valuart Gallery 


On November 11th, Skygolpe held a mesmerizing solo exhibition at the Valuart Gallery in Lugano-Paradiso (CH) to celebrate his 2022 sold-out physical collection, “Paint on Pixel”


▪️ All about Fakewhale Cross bringing the Tezos Posse to Nifty Gateway

Driven by the shared vision of cross-medium experimentation, on November 8th the digital underground went multi-chain, bringing together artists that truly embody what the Tezos ecosystem is all about, in the name of art and cultural legacy.

A legendary drop: this month Fakewhale Cross brought the first volume of Tezos Posse to Nifty Gateway, starring A. L. Crego, Le Chat N0ir, Bahrull Marta, Chepertom, Esra Eslen and Woc.

The drop was structured in 2 different segments that took place over the course of 24 hours, which saw all 6 artists drop an Open Edition, $99 each and a 1/1 subject to auction that you can view here: https://www.niftygateway.com/collections/tezosposse

Keep an eye out for the next volume.


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