#RIPHEN, Demotapers & Tezos Posse Volume II : A Roundup of the Most Memorable Moments

GM to an Art-drenched Tuesday, the Valuart Newsletter is out!! ☕

Just in case you missed it, here are last week’s highlights ✨ 

⚫️ RIPHEN: A Walk Through the Event 

Last year, Fakewhale presented the first RIP HEN exhibition curated by Jesse Draxler at the Valuart gallery, laying the foundation for a long-term vision that seeks to empower art through digital culture beyond the market.


This year RIP HEN made its return at the Valuart Gallery, but this time, alongside a dedicated online event: from November 11th to November 16th, the whole community was invited to mint in memory of HEN and collect through the hashtag #RIPHEN — An event in partnership with 1of1, HERE & NOW, The Tickle and NFTBiker that brought together in-gallery and online experiences like never before.


HEN’s past, present, and future were beautifully captured in this incredible tribute, which we can’t wait to repeat next year.


And what better occasion if not now to also check out some stats? Thanks to @NFTBiker’s event tool, we were able to create a detailed overview of the event.



  • Total artworks : 1,085 
  • Total editions: 59,830 
  • Total artists: 722  
  • Primary market – Editions sold : 22,905 – Total collected : 39,318.86tz – 911 distinct artworks sold by 656 artists
  • Secondary market – Editions sold : 1,417 – Total collected : 8,590.14tz – 171 distinct artworks sold by 120 artists

⚫️ DEMOTAPERS Genesis Drop: The Official Overview

But the stats don’t end here.


This month is all about thinking musically and remixing visually: here’s an overview of our DEMOTAPERS genesis drop on Objkt which saw ‘Chase the Sun’ by Planet Funk take on a new wave of pure creative experimentation.


Keep an eye out for the next drop, because exciting things are coming in 2023. 🔮


⚫️ Fakewhale Cross x Tezos Posse: The Return on Nifty Gateway with Volume II

One month after its debut, on December 8th Tezos Posse made its return on Nifty Gateway with its second volume.


Always keeping the path of cross-medium experimentation to its core, this volume brings together a new Tezos Posse featuring Gary Edward Blum, Ilya Shkipin, Jenni Pasanen, TokBLOK, Scorpion Dagger, Von Doyle and Sky Goodman.

From 6.30 pm eastern standard time December 8th until 6.30 pm eastern standard time December 9th, the artists dropped an Open Edition for $99 each and a 1/1 piece up for auction:

Gary Edward Blum


▪️ 08 28 17 / 12 08 22  ALISHAN MOUNTAINS AND CLOUD WITH COLORED LINES   EXP- 003 / NFT- FW(N1/1) – 1 of 1


▪️ 02 10 17 / 12 08 22 EMIGRANT WILDERNESS WITH ORANGE EXP- 010/FW(N) – Open edition



Ilya Shkipin


▪️ The Ghost – 1 of 1


▪️ Nocturn – Open edition


Pasanen Jenni


▪️ Empress of Destruction – 1 of 1


▪️ Empress of Creation – Open edition


Tok Blok


▪️ My 28 Year Old Son – 1 of 1


▪️ MAN AND OCEAN – Open edition





▪️ Dumpster Fire – 1 of 1


▪️ The Pond – Open edition




▪️ POTUS – 1 of 1


▪️ Person of the Year – Open edition




▪️ Sunset Streak – 1 of 1


▪️ Totality Season – Open edition

See you next week with the next issue of the Valuart Newsletter!


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