This week’s Valuart roundup: all about Billelis’ “The Graveyard”, Jenni Pasanen’s “Mask Obscura” and more…

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You know the drill. Time to hop into the weekend with the Valuart Newsletter highlights of the week!


🖌 Web3 & NFT Highlights


Billelis &“The Graveyard”: sacrifices have been made!

Just in case you missed it, here is last week’s interview with Bilelis, where we had the opportunity to explore the details of “The Graveyard”, his latest drop on Nifty Gateway.



Billelis is a digital artist based in the city of Edinburgh, creatively addicted to dark imagery and adorned artistry that leads him to spend countless hours experimenting, learning, and expanding his artistic skill set. All activities, that brought to life his personal style can be best described as a dark, yet elegant, romantic fusion.


This week “The Graveyard” took its collectors on a journey from death and decay to life and immortality as a symbol of the perfect cycle of life and death through 50 unique artworks spread out under four tiers of life: Immortality, Life, Decay, and Death.

Tiers, only accessable to those willing to sacrifice their most treasured pieces from Billelis’ previous collections.

Needless to say, sacrifices have been made…for the price of something extraordinary in return.


Meat broke the Internet with Diewithmostlikes’ “we were greeted”

“our future is tainted meat and perpetual receipts. our savings is our savior. our nails find familiar wounds. and seek salvation in collapsing wood. our climax is an unreciprocated orgasm.” 🥲🥩

This week meat broke the Internet with Diewiththemostlike’s “we were greeted”.

On August 17th, the piece was sold to collector rosesvault and marked as sold for 30,000 ETH for a value of over $55m within CryptoArt’s system, positioning it as the most expensive NFT artwork sold to date, right behind Beeple’s.


A sales, that had all of us screaming out of excitement.

Unfortunately, it turns out that in the end, there was a bug in the system and that the piece was actually acquired in $RARE and not in ETH, so not the second most expensive artwork YET…but either way, we’re always here for the meat and are loving it. Iconic. Congrats to Diewiththemostlikes!


✨TheVERSEverse & the SuperRare Genesis

VERSEverse is an NFT gallery that is laying the foundations for a blockchain-based literature revolution.

On August 16th, theVERSEverse SuperRare genesis was officially released: a curated collection that highlights poets, artists and styles from all over the world.


To view the full collection click below ⬇️


✨The good society launches the “Out of Sight | Out of Mind” collection on Tezos to raise awareness & support for Climate Change

Through innovative programming, The Good Society is a community of artists, creatives, and activists committed to global change: every month, they collaborate with an artist and three non-profit organizations to create a Tezos-based digital collection with scalable impact.


This month’s collection is “Out of Sight | Out of Mind” by artist Nate Mohler, a collection of 1,800 digital collectibles in support of the ocean that bring to life a dreamlike memory of 22 cities in 4 different styles.


✨Jenni Pasanen: the “Mask Obscura” drop on MakersPlace

“Machine is my muse”

Artist Jenni Pasanen creates in the new era of art where machine & human creativity unite. Instead of painting with a brush, she uses generative adversarial networks along with digital art to produce unprecedented and fascinating works of art.

“Mask Obscura” is her latest MakersPlace project, a collection consisting of four works composed of four smaller parts each.



🍿 Upcoming Events


New experiences and features in HADEM are imminent, so make sure to download the application to continue exploring before the final reveal.



📚Book of the Month 

2 weeks left to finish reading this month’s book!

August’s read is “Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control” by Stuart Russell.

A book where Stuart Russell explains how AI works, with huge potential to improve our lives but also dangers if we happen to lose control of its power by not reshaping the foundations now.


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