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🖌️NFT Highlights

Valuart Solos curated by FakeWhale x Diewiththemostlikes: An Interview

Introducing an artist that brought beef to the next level, transforming it into art, with every piece being a strong, unfiltered representation of our daily lives.

Our Valuart Podcast this week features an interview with digital artist Mark Wilson aka Diewiththemostlikes ahead of his upcoming FakeWhale Cross drop on September 15th in parallel with a Valuart Solos curated by FakeWhale.

Watch the full interview below ⬇️


Valuart Studio x Plug-Mi – A temporary Gallery curated by Valuart

Over the weekend the Plug-Mi festival took place in Milano: a 2-day event driven by talks, fashion, music, and captivating urban experiences…

…but most importantly, with Art, which saw 12 exceptional artists come together in the temporary gallery curated by Valuart to celebrate urban culture.

We once again wanted to thank all artists & everyone who plugged into the frequency of Art with us.

Remember to continue enjoying the artworks via the hashtag #valuartstudioxplugmi as there are also a few pieces still up for sale!

We are looking forward to having you at the next event.


Speaking of the Plug-Mi event, we also had the opportunity to introduce DEMOTAPERS, a new member of the Valuart familyon the mission to enable the visual relationship between music and art in the digital age. 

DEMOTAPERS is a music-and-visual NFT platform where musicians and visual artists unite to create unique digital artworks tailored to music tracks that collectors can collect, trade, and display.

The official launch of the platform will be on October 19th along with drop 001, but you can already start visiting the website to apply to the whitelist and find out more about the community here.

Among the first REMIXERS featured: Chepertom, Hydiroket, Davidvnun, Daria Rastunina, Ygor Alves, Kaoru Tanaka, Monsuta, Gammatrace, Ex Mortal.

Stay tuned.


All about Björk’s Ovule music video & the upcoming NFT series directed by SHOWstudio

Today Musician Björk released the music video for her single Ovule, wearing a custom creation by Gucci, captured by Nick Knight – founder of SHOWstudio – through the use of cutting-edge 3D technology.

Speaking of other cool things SHOWstudio is doing in the space, is ikon-1: SHOWstudio’s NFT series coming out soon.

Years of artistic practice come together as 40 creatives are on the mission to reshape the definition of “value” with the use of AI to revitalize unconventional designs and find the beauty in digital mistakes mixed within unusual combinations. Very soon, these artworks will be key protagonists in what we call “Metaverse”

Over 200 unique traits have been created to curate these one-of-a-kind works of art, all styled by Jazzelle Zanaughtti and under the direction of Nick Knight.

More to be revealed soon.

Nifty Gateway takes on an exciting new chapter: Publishers

On September 1st Nifty Gateway officially launched the beta version of its “Publishers”, a new platform that will enable people to curate their own drops and create their personal NFT storefronts.

As it takes on its first steps, it has partnered up with 50 Publishers to bring to life new curated drops through the use use of its unique tools that empower curation while simplifying user experience such as easy-to-access drops, flexible payment options & secure custody solutions, no-code minting and access to effective drop types.

Now Publishers is only available to its partners, but over time the goal is to expand and give direct also to artists, brands and the broader community, significantly increasing the number of curators and artists who can earn a living through NFTs.

✨FakeWhale announces its partnership with NiftyGateway x Publishers

Speaking of the Publishers platform, FakeWhale has been selected among the first 50 curators that will take part in the project — A partnership that will lead to imminent exclusive drops and releases, so stay tuned.


Ticketmaster partners up with Flow to drive NFT tickets



Once again, NFTs are paving their way to the mainstream audience…with ticketing becoming one of the strongest use cases!

Flow is an NFT blockchain founded in 2019 that has made its reputation in the space especially for sporting NFTs which saw organizations such as NBA, NFL & UFC launch their very own marketplaces on the blockchain.

And now, comes Flow’s latest announcement on its partnership with Ticketmaster to further drive web-3 enhanced experiences: event attendees that possess these NFTs will be able to unlock exclusive experiences and perks… But we’re still going to have to wait a bit before full disclosure is released. 

🍿 Upcoming Events


Urban and digital cultures are coming together at the Plug-Mi festival in Milan this weekend, as 12 artists take part in the temporary gallery curated by Valuart.


Let’s plug into the frequency of Art.

📆10-11 September
📍Superstudio Più – Milan



For tickets & more information visit:


📚Book of the Month 

September’s read is Ways of seeing, by John Berger.

Based on the BBC television series, John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” is a classic must-read that will open up a whole new world to its readers.



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