Bitcoin reached another all-time-high soaring over 65k…

I hope you have not been missing out on any of our podcast episodes!

Speaking of keeping you up to speed on things, have you heard about the latest BTC news?!

Weeks ago we were wondering whether we were to expect a bull or bear market, and let me tell you – bull market vibes are high!

Towards mid October, Bitcoin (BTC) reached another all-time-high soaring over 65k, after a tweet from the official SEC account tweeted “before investing in a fund that holds bitcoin futures contracts, make sure you carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits.”


Did not take too long before everyone started tweeting about their bullish feelings and speculations on a potential futures ETF being approved. After all, why would the SEC tweet about it?

If it were to happen, this could potentially mean more volatility, speculation…but also more utility. Curious to see how this evolves.

Moving along our focus on the NFT space…Coinbase is finally getting into NFTs!

Last week, the monster exchange officialized its plans to launch a marketplace that lets users mint, collect and trade NFTs. For those interested, users can already sign up to a waitlist for early access to the features.

The marketplace, called Coinbase NFT, will also include “social features” giving spotlight and pushing forward the creator economy.

How will it stand up to its already established competitors like OpenSea? Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, for early access, sign up here:

Izzy’s Weekly Book Club


A few weeks back, I reviewed The Bitcoin Standard to you, by Saifedean Ammous.

Well, I hope you had the chance to read it because the printing of The Fiat Standard is completed and ready to ship!

Not to mention that the Ebook is also available online.

I’m getting my copy shipped, how about you?

I can’t wait to receive it and review it.

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