RTFKT’s Akira Project: The Rise Of The Next Blue Chip NFT Collection

Another week and another slew of NFT collections hit the market like falling elbows from the UFC. Bored Polar Bears, Cheeky Pugs, Crypto Pixel Cats, finding a good NFT project is like trying to sieve potatoes. And that’s before you get to the splinter collections – Bored Ape Art Club, Bored Ape ID Cards, Bored Ape Bored Apes – and NFTs based on the prodigious Solana network.


Apart from meditation and an intricate system of mental models, is there a way to avoid spending your children’s school fees on worthless NFTs? Is there a pattern to finding polished diamonds in a sea of spiritual stone shops?


For mere mortals like you and I, probably not. However, with the Akira project – the Manga code name for the NFT avatar launch from digital fashion NFT brand RTFKT (pronounced like artefact) – about to set the NFT world on fire, the next NFT blue chip collection may be hiding in broad daylight.



RTFKT’s marketing machine hasn’t kicked in and already the NFT ecosystem is laying out the red carpet, lauding AKIRA as an Avatar pioneer, up there on the velvet carpet of Sotheby’s with Bored Apes and CryptoPunks.

If this turns out to be true and RTFKT creates the next step in the future of the Metaverse, what, if anything, is different between RTFKT’s project and, say, Stick Figures Club? What separates the winners from the also-rans, the NFT galaxy from the OpenSea space dust?


RTFKT’s NFT Hype Machine


RTFKT’s marketing machine may not be operational, but Twitter and LinkedIn is awash with extravagant – and organic – publicity for RTFKT’s Akira NFT collection. It is spreading like rumours of a government bailout at the G8.

The touch paper was lit when Metaverse Godmother Cathy Hackl praised Akira in Forbes Magazine.


They (RTFKT) are about to release a fashion-forward 3D avatar project called the Akira Project, which many in the NFT world suspect will make a big splash and will make more brands take note of what’s happening in the profile picture (PFP) NFT space.


Fashion, brands, crypto and NFTs – The holy trinity; the apex marketing claim for autumn 2021; an accumulation of the past seven months all rolled into one juicy avatar project. RTFKT’s Akira Project has hype, it has momentum. But does it have celebrity endorsement and collaboration?



The RTFKT backstory and the FEWOCiOUS Collaboration


RTFKT was created in January 2020. It’s young and vociferous, honest yet rebellious. They are moving quick and breaking things, to use an out-dated analogy from a long forgotten time, (I’m old, I can use that expression).


The RTFKT project was scheduled to take off in 2040, but the human development in consciousness has accelerated faster than anticipated. We are here to accelerate our digital future now.


That sounds cool. Tell me more.


RTFKT is a very eclectic, creator led organisation. RTFKT uses the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one of a kind sneakers and digital artefacts.

That is a lot of expensive hashtags. All that is missing is a blue-chip NFT artist, someone like FEWOCiOUS, perhaps. If RTFKT had a high level…
Stop the press.


FEWOCiOUS and RTFKT are teaming up to do just that. The 18-year-old artist and next-gen sneaker studio have released a set of collectible sneakers on Nifty Gateway; the drop, titled ‘FEWO WORLD Open Edition,’ includes three physical sneakers that each correspond with a digital token.


That quote is taken from a ONE37 article from April (which in NFT land may as well be 1997) giving details of the partnership. In 2020, the total global sneakers market revenue was valued at approximately $70 billion. I sense a pattern emerging. A chaotic pattern.
RTFKT have the artist, they have the hype, they have mainstream backing, and with Akira, they have a cool name. What they don’t have is Elon Musk

…Breaking news…

They have Elon Musk? Wearing RTFKT cyber truck trainers and posing on Instagram?

The Elon Musk?


Does the Lost Dino Cat Poets NFT collection have Elon Musk? Asking for a friend.



Visualizza questo post su Instagram


Un post condiviso da RTFKT Studios (@rtfktstudios)

RTFKT’S AKIRA Utility and The Metaverse

Let’s get back to basics. RTFKT’S Akira project is partly a regular NFT collection: A 20,000 piece drop, the initial 10,000 going to holders of an existing RTFKT NFT. Coincidently, the floor price of existing RTFKT’s is going bananas. Such is the pull of the Akira project hopeful investors are buying up RTFKT NFTS so that they can buy Akira NFTs at launch without having to battle billionaires and bots in a 17 second gas and hope war for the remaining 10,000 NFT avatars.

I predict sell out in less than 2 minutes.

You heard it here first.

<H2>Avatars and the Metaverse<H2>

Avatars are going to define how we are perceived and who we are in the Metaverse. Akira is going to explode because it crosses boundaries; partly of the fashion world, partly not. It transcends the elitism and old-world mindset of a luxury industry trying to stay relevant. Akira isn’t solely about money or status or fame, it’s about community and art and a rebellion to the relics of business and fashion. It’s a project for the Metaverse, the next phase of the transition from a static web 2.0 to a the digital promised land.

In this project, we are focusing on the core of your Metaverse identity. We are investing all our enthusiasm in this project, and our goal is to launch a next-generation new avatar project that truly transcends PFP and allows its community to truly express itself in the meta-universe through their avatars.

Baguio said.

It is this Metaverse vision which truly separates RTFKT’S Akira project from the omnipresent noise of its competition. Whether by accident or design, it’s almost blue ocean business strategy for an NFT collection.



One Metaverse or a thousand Metaverses. Boring and clunky, or a hyper reality of experience and culture, life and living. Decentralized or centralised. Owned by the evil corps, or a vast digital hippy commune built via the morals and philosophy of an open source mindset.

Whatever the Metaverse mutates into, however we view, live and work in it, regardless of the ethics, crime, beauty or whatever representations of the human spirit reside inside it, the avatar will be front and centre in the Metaverse.

RTFKT understand this. It is the seed at the heart of the Akira project.

You shouldn’t invest all of your children’s college fund into it – and you won’t be able to anyway, like I said, it will have sold out by the time you connect your MetaMask and click go – but you should definitely watch the space.

RTFKT’S Akira Project could be the next blue chip NFT collection.

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