The Fame Lady Squad: an interview w/NFTignition

The Fame Lady Squad: an interview w/NFTignition

The Fame Lady Squad: an interview w/NFTignition

Episode 8

Welcome back to “The Valuart Podcast”: a weekly appointment with art, crypto art & technology.

In this episode, we talk with NFTIgnition, AKA Danielle Davis – advisor, marketer, writer, educator, mother – and, since the most intriguing story of the NFT-era broke three weeks ago, part of the Fame Lady Squad leadership, discovered. With the Fame Lady Squad we talk about the process behind the creation of their non-fungible tokens and the community that has arisen. Listen to the interview with the collective that has one of the most important NFT collections.

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Episode Transcript:

the valuart podcast and we are back hey everybody welcome back to the valuart podcast eddie izzy and mark with a webcam here which is uh wild i almost i almost forgot that you weren't just a disembodied voice for a second mark yeah giving us knowledge yeah so this is actually a special episode because not only do we have mark with a webcam but we're also gonna gonna do it live i mean this if you're watching this on youtube like after the fact it's not live obviously but we're doing our first live episode today we are being joined by uh nft ignition who is kind of stewarding as they put it the fame ladies squad project now we'll get into that later uh where should we start should we start with newsletters let's just catch up let's just catch up is what's going on what's going on in your life yeah my life so uh last time we we took off actually you know guys this is unrelated but i did try to take a digital detox and it lasted like no no after we spoke about yes it wasn't two wasn't 48 hours though so you don't get 100 bucks for me oh damn well i'll try again how did it how did it feel did you feel kind of strange i felt strange because i had like the urge to flip my phone even if i wasn't like you don't even like receive messages and i just like need to click the screen and check out the time sometimes i even check the time and so what happened at a certain point like to kill time i i'm back in milano this is like i'm at my new home um at a certain point i had to bring my mac to the to the mac store to like check it out so at a certain point i looked where the drone was and it was like uh an 80-minute walk so i did an 80-minute walk to kill time did you have like did you have a nice uh did you start to feel like more present and have ideas come to you because that's like when i'm walking and i have my phone like silenced that's like the best time to really refer i was pretty inspired yeah yeah yeah then will you continue doing it what did you do with the inspiration did you just write something absolutely nothing i just let the flow go and not yet but i still have it like in me um so we'll see how that turns out then i i have to admit like on my way back i i started saying that i would go also like walking back but halfway i took a taxi but i had an awesome conversation with the taxi driver so that's nice that's nice at least some some genuine human connection is always good exactly and i needed to you know wind off all the frustration i had for the bondly situation so that was also kind of a purpose for my lawn my long walk uh last time we spoke last week there was about to be the token redeployment that went terribly uh this week i've been sharing uh videos from twitter with you guys i'm i'm gonna share those probably my next newsletter uh yeah so a total disaster but today i finally got my tokens back and so i sold you so guilty no dining hands for izzy but did everybody dump like is it all is it like falling apart is the product basically a lot of a lot of people are jumping yeah yeah yeah that's why i mean i i'm sorry for the team just because of course like i i started being part of that project just because i was so i had so much enthusiasm towards it but yeah i got trusted issues right now well i i'm happy that that stress is out of your life because it's out of mind now too yeah exactly you won't be hearing me speaking about molly at least not not anymore and not for a while but mark updates on in your life like things are going well with uh the realm stuff i see and i actually signed up for pokestarter and got my polls in there so i could be part of the ido which is so many words that i just said that i only learned within the last 48 hours it's impressive in my other job i land planes so and now i've got back of holiday and it's incredible how much i've missed um kind of semi-working from holiday the nft world has oh man just exploded again so i've missed quite a lot that said i've been doing a bit of writing on the laws of the metaverse and how the laws of real life are going to be applied if at all into the metaverse and how those laws may or may not be put in and i've learned some pretty scary facts about laws in the last few days can you share a couple or one yeah sure well don't keep doing it so when i sorry someone i do this for a platform called engine starter which if you're into ideos eddie at the moment you can go and use your polka starter and have a look at that and i just thought law there's there's not many laws are there there can't be that many laws turns out there's quite a lot um in the uk they brought in 3 000 new laws alone in 2010 america has like 30 000 laws individual laws about everything and are we talking about bills to be bills to be passed into law or we're talking like actual laws actual laws obviously a lot of them are redundant and you know they're made a long time ago and they've just never been taken out of the out of the legal framework but there's just so many and obviously as concerns of metaverse a lot of it's about copyright and intellectual property and how those laws are going we spoke about it a few weeks ago with with um nate and how those laws are going to be put into the members so i've just been looking at that again which was um pretty fascinating and very cool also there's some more apes i've been looking at some gambling apes which is a new nft collection coming soon um which incorporates yourself oh it's coming soon so it's it's coming soon so it's just um um a platform which can incorporate can i ask you what the obsession is with apes in this space like why is everything in iteration of an eight why is why is everybody using that symbology i don't get it i think i don't i think it's animal i don't think it's just i just think they're right but there's a lot at the moment you know if it works well i've already said this to you before i feel like there's a lot of overlap with like the hypebeast culture of like street wear and and like exclusive drops and limited runs plus this nft world and you have what one of the most famous streetwear brands is bathing ape and i was like that's got to be that can't be an accident like somebody has had to have seen that and been like oh we should just use that people will recognize that and it'll it'll do something subconsciously to to people i think but that's just a theory what's the um well bathing ape what's their ethos bathing ape is it is it is it streetwear is it dude if they've got attitude what's the kind of bossy ethos i have no idea because i i think first of all the branding is in my opinion it's super weird and i don't think it's a nice look like most of the vape stuff that i see i just feel like about it so i don't i don't really know i'm not the one to speak on that but i think streetwear in general is about hype it's about like bragging rights and that's exactly what these nmt series seem to be about most of them yeah i think there's there's kind of maybe two there's a lot of cute nfts as well like cute nfts seem to work like the penguins and well any other animal ones is it in the last week that have been launched well yeah like you know i'm full of unicorns so don't tell like me or my but i've won that um so the stoner cats right um are you still holding like i'm still holding reggie yes but i'm still waiting for the second episode and guys i kind of realized i'm really impatient like in these weeks and so the second episode still has to come out and from what i understood i still have to wait a month so in the stoner cats i what i really love is the utility for it right um in the entertainment space but at the same time i don't feel like in the i mean it's not like super hype like in other communities right but that's good i think that's sustainable like you're gonna actually get a whole series out of that yeah if people were to just drop it because they were trying to flip it for whatever i don't know paper hands is that what they say i don't i don't know it's not it wouldn't work diamond hands is holding paper hands i think is flipping i'm i'm learning the lingo i'm trying to oh god i sound like my mom what the [ __ ] uh i'm really trying anyway uh i think that's that's my favorite part about stoner cats well that's really cool as we say if you have to wait a month for the next episode i know you're impatient but that encourages people to to to not flip it and not say it and also kind of tells us about the power of the animation that people aren't selling them are they so much so they do want to see it and they do nobody's jumping their cats and i don't know is if you know anything about like about animation but putting another episode out in a month is already impressive that's insane to do they just dropped the first one which who knows how long they were working on that for it could have been since like february you know and then to turn it around after launch in a month i i hope they're actually working on multiple episodes at once because that would be super stressful do they have a monthly schedule is that like the plan i i i was looking for the schedule i didn't find it i i found out like on on twitter and on discord uh but unless i published it these days i i couldn't find like a a timetable of like when the episodes would be released and that's probably something that's good for impatient people like me i guess yeah in a certain sense um i mean it does keep the mystery up but yeah so it's definitely like a um a challenge with myself but speaking of mystery and uh let's let's talk about mystery and the opposite of utility have you guys seen the dot dot dots series on twitter yet no what is it okay so this project launched secretly last night a stealth launch and it was uh there's no ui there's no um marketing there's no team there's no official channels at all and last night there was this sort of cryptic um this twitter account released this like really cryptic uh like arg like an augmented reality game kind of thing where it was a puzzle and you solved it there was a smart contract on either scan that you could write and mint a nft and they minted the first 4 300 and i think and people bought them for like .05 eth and now they're now the the floor on them is like i think two eth or almost two eth and it's like going insane but it's nothing it's not literally it's uh twitter i saw it on twitter and i saw a couple people tweet about it and i was like i have to see this i went to the discord i'm getting [ __ ] indoctrinated i'm like you're unbelievable like you told me you didn't open your twitter account like since it's sick and it's really sick and now you're finding oh my god i know well so i'm really fascinated by the by the spectacle of it and the and the communities that pop up around it so i've been in the dot dot dots discord today watching them talk about it and it's like so bizarre so so the the way the smart contract functions is once the once it hits once i can't tell if it's ethereum if people keep saying once ethereum hits an all-time high they uh release 10 more to be minted it could be something to do with the floor i don't know but the point is there's no actual utility to this it's all mystery and it's become like the top it's in the top five in terms of trading on openc right now it's like unbelievable how much money is being i can't actually have to turn the discord off because i can't look at it it's like it's so intoxicated again what would you say can you run by the stargate the four the first four thousand comments on this was it a tweet or the game which get minted no no uh they sorry there was four thousand comments now there was four thousand over four thousand minted uh last night okay so and you there was no website or anything like you had to go to the ether scan address and then like there's a smart contract on there you can run the smart contract if you you put in you link your wallet to it your web3 wallet like if you have meta mask or something and then you can mint it and if you were in the know if you were paying attention and you solved this little riddle you could find you could go and make one of these and you can mint like up to five i think and uh if you were one of the lucky ones that got one last night for .05 eth you can probably sell it now for like i think one sold for 13 eth today this morning like it's unbelievable what's happening why didn't you buy one oh i didn't know until a few hours ago i would have i actually i am i almost bought one on open c no no i did i did however i did buy my first um i did mint my first uh uh nft about three hours ago from something i found out it just happened something i found out i minted one so something i found out through this dot dots uh discord somebody mentioned another project which is still like in the minting phase which i don't know if it's going to actually go anywhere doesn't matter it was like .028 or something but i also bought my dot eth domain if you can call it that my my i bought contento.e so my wallet is now that you know that's cool you literally what because i thought when you told me about it you said that yeah no no i did it yeah i told you about it but i didn't think you would do it so i'm really upset with this how does that work you um can you see today it's pretty easy the only thing is the gas prices right now are ridiculous so like my 10 10 domain cost like 130 bucks because of gas yeah yeah but it's nice because like i wanted i've always wanted but is owned by this big like german uh furniture company like i think they make candy opportunity you're like so now when they move into the when that company moves into like the uh the metaverse and they want that dot screw you no it's mine sorry so uh we're we're at it's five o'clock now i think um we should be joined by we've got somebody waiting have we already i don't see we have three people in in in the audience uh but i don't see coming from fame lady squad that must be your audience yeah maybe this is exciting we've never done this live oh mark i wouldn't ask you you changed your uh twitter handle to the metaverse writer and you lost the apocalypse daddy handle it just temporarily it's an it's an experiment it's only just an experiment you can change your handle i just want to see what happens hey i'll let you know next time danielle hey danielle hello i don't know if she didn't even hear daniel can you hear us i can now yes so thank you for joining us we're really excited to talk to you um yeah we uh i i stumbled across the fame ladies story i guess like two weeks ago or something and i immediately sent it to the our group chat and i was like we have to talk to these ladies uh because it is such a like a wonderful story like it this space is full of what is not considered nice i guess you could say it's like kind of gross um so uh i'm really i'm really happy to have a little bit of positivity in here and uh to just catch up and see how things are going yeah yeah things have been going great first before we start talking fame ladies i'm curious when did you become nft ignition officially on socials like how long has that been a thing um so i've been nft ignition since october of last year okay wow so you've been kind of ahead ahead of the curve a little bit yeah yeah i actually it's funny i was only into crypto for less than a month before i found nfts so like i learned about bitcoin and then shortly after i learned about nfts and i was like yep this is my thing [Music] and how quickly that has yeah you become like a sort of a thought leader in the space in a way and and really quickly so what was the first nft project that caught your eye or caught your attention yeah it was actually when meme came out when the meme token came out and um it was really interesting because like explaining it to my like my family and the people i knew you know like farming digital pineapples for digital art that i can sell um they thought i was crazy legit that i was crazy like at one point my dad even told the neighbor that he thought i was on drugs um talking about these art has that changed at all over the last few months like do they get it now or do you have like better ways to communicate with what it is what's going on yeah yeah so um you know i've been talking to them about it for almost a year now so they definitely understand it better but it's at the point now where my dad goes down to the bar and tries to find people who know what nfts are so he can brag about me and he can't so he like teaches them about them first and then tries to brag about me that is adorable i love that have you got them investing in anything has your dad invested in anything no no um i think he feels since i'm in it so far that he doesn't really need to worry about it okay [Laughter] like i have all my money are in is in crypto and and what do you do outside of investing like outside of the crypto the crypto stuff are you like in tech or do you do something related to finance yeah so um what i was doing before i got into fame ladies was doing marketing for nft projects um i do a lot of like advising and consulting for startups and new you know generative profile picture projects so i've worked with probably about 30 40 projects in the last year and then also um i mentor a lot of artists help artists like enter the space that was one thing that when i found nfts i was super excited because i have a ton of artist friends like i just that's where i live there's a lot of artists so i was always running around like trying to oh my god i love your art making nft out of it and you know at the time like i said i sounded a little crazy so i did make and that helped kind of explain it to people and um i think i've probably helped maybe 300 400 artists since i didn't always learned how to mint their first grade it's sometimes like five a day it's a lot but i love it that's amazing and are you are you like making is this a business for you now then or is it just a is it still a hobby uh both i mean when it comes to individual artists i don't charge them but for projects or like vcs stuff like that yeah right okay that's very cool uh and okay so then let's talk let's talk this family situation like can you just run us through as quickly as possible like what happened at the beginning of last month and then like what when were you exposed to famed ladies and and how did the trans the transfer happen yeah so i bought them a couple days after mint or it might have been the day after mint i had just missed it um and i found them actually because i was following digital art chick's wallet like i was you were following the wallet specifically not her yeah yeah yeah because she doesn't announce everything she buys so um you know follow the wallet and you know what they're really doing so i had bought a few projects actually those couple days because um because she had been buying them and um started looking into the discord and and the community was amazing it was just a ton of people that were like yay we love women in the space how can we get more women in the space and husbands giving their wives their first nft or their daughters their first nfts uh we had people who were about to have babies that were getting posters printed to put up in their room because they wanted a powerful woman picture in the room like it was just a vibe i had never felt in crypto before and it was kind of like i spent all my time in that discord for the first couple weeks it was open and then the team was just really not super engaged um you know they'd come in like once a day and be like hey guys guys these are really good ideas we'll talk about it as a team and then come back the next day and say the same thing and like we never really got anything out of them as a community we were kind of trying to hold the project up because we loved it so much and then you know that day happened where everybody came out and was saying that instead of being three females it was actually three russian men and you know there wasn't a ton of evidence at first it was basically oh this person promoted the project before anybody else knew about it right i was like okay but their reaction to it was not great um are you talking about linux like tweets the thread of tweets that was like yeah there was a twitter spaces that i was in that i was listening to for about three hours there was 600 people in there and it was just all about queenship city uh cyber city girls club the unicorn fame ladies all these projects that the team might have been a part of i don't think they were part of queen ship we don't know for sure but it was just a bunch of people come up on stage and giving their evidence or saying why they did or didn't think that they were men um and i listened to it for at least an hour and i was like i don't know about all this i'm not sure i didn't want it to be true though also at the same time because i you know i had like 20 of them they were my favorite nfts i love the community uh but anyways um so fast forward to the next day and they come out and they're like okay yeah it's true we're we're men we didn't think it was a big deal and was such a big deal in western culture to to do what we did um and they're like we're not scammers they know but so yeah they get western culture right the whole the whole thing was like a way to manipulate like the exactly pathos of western western culture right well and you know the the art was good we can't say it wasn't they delivered on their road map they were there it's not like they just took the money and ran they were in the discord even if it wasn't much um so it was really weird situation like nobody really knew what to think or how to feel except just hurt and upset um so uh board becky or ashley um as her real name she created a discord just so everybody had somewhere to go because we were kind of worried it would get deleted and they would just run um so at first then we had a meeting with some people just to see each other face to face and be like okay you know what just happened what are we going to do next and what was that like talked about sorry what was it like to see people yeah i mean i normally i i see people every day like artists and stuff that i talk to it's normal for me to talk to everybody that i see face to face but um just a bunch of people from the community it was just really cool that everybody's like okay we want to know we want you to know who we are right now so you can feel safe and comfortable and we're all in the same position so we i don't know it just made everybody feel a little bit better i think right um and our original plan was to like fork it or make a whole new project and just airdrop it to everybody that had ladies like we didn't even think to ask for the contract right um you know i had posted one time i was like you should just give us the contract but like in my mind i didn't even think to like dm them and ask for it um so we were just thinking oh we're going to work on this kind of in our free time it'll just be a side project but something that we you know we're all really passionate about at least working on so then um the next day we get a message from artchik sorry to rope you into this and it's a tag to a tweet and i have like a thousand notifications like okay what's going on so read the message and um she's like oh i'm getting you guys the contract like i hope that's okay with you and there's a a vote on twitter that the old team posted that said should we give the contract to digital archive the it was like 75 percent yes at 25 no i was like oh my god so i run around and try to get as many votes as possible picking just in case like because the way they worded it made it seem like our chick was getting the contract which really she was just passing it on to us um and she is kind of a controversial like person in the space so i think that's that's part of the reason why they've ordered it that way have you talked to like the previous team at all in the last month about like because they started a grant i saw to support artists and like to i guess apologize for the other projects as well and the stuff that they the deception yeah um i've spoken with two of them very briefly um so one of them had deleted their twitter and then started it back up and they had sent me a message like i believe in you and that was it which was really weird um and then i did speak to max to get the layers for the art but that's been it okay and like uh one of them max it was like super young right i think yeah honestly is that that's something i wanted to talk to you about because i feel like i feel old in this space i'm 29 and i feel old in this space so i see that there's like a ton of gen z like just like creating things super fast and creating a lot of hype and making a lot of uh people really excited and then i don't know and that that seems to be a common theme in the pfp world at least [Music] profiles too are younger yeah yesterday uh so i'm gonna be like off on the podcast next week so i pre-recorded an episode for the following week and i talked to this kid who's holding one of the apes and like i hadn't i had no idea who to expect when we started the conversation and he comes on and he's 18 and i'm like what [Laughter] oh my god yeah it was wild um that's amazing though because younger people i mean there's i think younger people i i was a teacher in a past life so like for me it just makes so much sense that we need to be educating like the children on this stuff um not to take over [Music] you know but just so they can teach their friends like if a kid learns something and they maybe they make an nft and they make some money from it they're gonna tell every kid in the neighborhood hey i made two hundred dollars like a piece of art like every kid in the neighborhood is going to be making art like what a great thing for the whole neighborhood to be doing yeah it's and but i feel like they're they're the ones educating us like mark has a couple marquez kids and he was talking about how uh like we were we were speaking about this last week about how it's you can't keep up with what they're doing and what they're what they're interested in because it moves so quickly and like i think it's more about just instilling the right morals or like giving them the right moral compassion when they get when they encounter these things they're like oh this feels right or wrong i think but um so you guys took over and this discord became like the official discord and the and then you did a relaunch right and the relaunch was like two weeks ago uh it was last week tuesday wow it feels like two weeks it feels like i know so much time so much happens in such a short time how how was that how was the real launch were you nervous about it like you you guys you and ashley don't claim to be owners of the project but you do claim to be like kind of managing things how much have you learned about doing something like this that you had no idea about prior um well i would say just with my experience with with other projects this is all stuff that i've done before but the one thing that was different this time was having that super supportive community sitting there ready on day one like just hyped about everything you do i've never had that like you can't even build that kind of community like there's really no way to do that so it's really amazing that that's what we have within a few hours of us getting the contract we had over 200 people fill out a form to volunteer to help us like 100 200 wow yeah and and how did you figure out like what you needed like what were the roles you were looking for and how did you get them filled like how does that work and how how did you find uh data also was that was was he part of the team from the from the very beginning yeah yeah so dana and i had been talking for a while we actually um had in the past created like some marketing plans for the original team that they had completely ignored um but we had worked together just like on the sidelines kind of trying to help the project for a while and then also at one point we had talked about like doing our own thing together so we had kind of built a a relationship together at that point and then um he had been talking to ashley i hadn't been talking to her but he like linked everybody up together um and it right away it was it was hard like putting the team together it was stressful because um we had no money to give anybody we have nothing to do for anybody new ladies no nothing like um we want powerful women in the in the space to work on this project but we have nothing to offer them we have to ask them to volunteer so um we pretty much just did what we can with the three of us so far and we are actually working right now we have a vote to raise royalties up to five percent because it's a two and a half percent right now and we're hoping with with that extra two and a half percent that maybe we can start um paying some people on the team and then we can expand but so far it's been very bare bones um there's the three of us and then we have amazing mods and volunteers that help and we can delegate work to them but so the royalties are the only revenue stream for you right now yes and i guess merchandise is something because you're wearing a great shirt i see yeah i love it yeah yeah this is just mine this is a sample we are working on some merch uh the thing is everybody owns their own ip so anyone can make their own merch and we want to help people learn how to do that that was so a really interesting part of this for me like you're giving the copyright to the to the collector awesome and does that transfer every time a new person buys on the secondary market yep can you did you get that oh yeah yeah it does transfer it transfers with the nfd it's right actually in the description normally that's not the case but okay okay that's super interesting so if i have a fame lady which i don't because i can't afford it but if i did i could do an animated series around my character and like there's no issue with that wow okay tons of people that make derivatives we have a comic book that somebody was working on a coloring book someone was working on um there's tons of options and i feel like the art really lends to a lot of fun stuff like they're just kind of fierce which is why we like them in the first place so there's really a lot that you can do with that like yeah whatever you wanna really are tell me about your lady who who is your what's what backstory are you uh this is my favorite lady i like her because i think that she's friendly but also kind of sexy so i use her for my profile picture um it was hard switching over to her because it was the first time i had ever used a picture that wasn't me like i've been in the nft space for so long and i've always used like a cartoon version of me that i had an artist make um but now i don't think i'll ever be able to change it is that kind of like a requirement to be a part of these communities like is it is it weird to not use your avatar if you buy one and you're part of one of the communities it's not a requirement but it does help people like find other people in the community and like when i see a bunch of people follow me i can just scroll through and be like okay following i'm following the apes i'm following ladies i'm pulling the top dogs any community that i'm a part of i see that picture and i just automatically know to follow that person and like how do you other than putting the uh the number of the avatar in your description how do you know that that's not just a screenshot that somebody uses of somebody else's uh nft you don't right i mean it happens it happens um i think it's more common in the more expensive ones like i've seen happen with with the apes specifically and people will call them out right away because people know who owns those apes so wow don't last very long yeah um with the ladies it would it might take a while for somebody to notice but like i i know what all 32 of my ladies look like and i would be like why are you using my lady for your profile 32 yeah that's a lot that is a lot that's pretty cool are you gonna start like a like a football team i did have a question from um earlier from a point you did bring up you said that you started you know getting into crypto from october last year sorry into nfts because you said that you were already into crypto um so i i started like getting into crypto in that period too and i just wanted to you know ask you how because i feel like first thing that there's like a huge gap at the moment between men and female in the space and you know definitely this this project is gonna help to close that gap but how are your feelings in the space yeah it's still very very uneven um you know even in a project like ours that's more female oriented a large large portion of our collectors are still men um you know we we are working on trying to find ways to bring more women into the space we have a podcast that we will be working on um i've even been looking into maybe uh visiting local schools in my area as a as a previous teacher and seeing if i can teach some like courses or get some groups together um you know our goal is to get thousands of women into nfts into crypto in the next year so we're gonna see how we can do that in whatever ways possible but one big way i think that is that nobody's doing really now right now in this space is helping women who are entrepreneurs or business women find ways to put to build nfts into their existing businesses there's so many use cases and utilities and gamification and things like that that can be used in um you know these they're already in a position where where they can be implementing new things if they're running a successful business so um that that is one good way to help them were you at all apprehensive about it like when you started getting into it was it even a thought for you like oh this is like a lot of really kind of crypto bros and i don't really like this space or it didn't even faze you no i think at this point i'm just one of the bros too there is quite a bit of bro culture regardless of gender right it is kind of broly yeah yeah yeah i think i find it so frustrating when i'm in a discord and i see someone say like let's go brothers and i'm like what why that that word there's so many other people all the time that's so weird it's yeah but as a gamer like you know before i was into crypto i i did game for years and years and um no matter what your username and and character is you get called a guy every time like so i'm just yeah it doesn't offend me at all in the uh in the town hall recording for you guys the first one like i think ashley started off saying hey guys and then like corrected herself and i was like oh that's interesting because especially in the fame ladies like universe you know that's like a weird pronoun if you can call it that or a weird uh do you have you done a community survey about like like to figure out what the gender divide is in the fame ladies in the squad um not not with the full community but it's definitely something that we've talked about um you know we've asked with some of the forms that we've sent out where we were getting information from volunteers or from writers or various things we've tried to kind of gauge but we haven't gotten like a full breakout okay what are some of the more notable uh figures in in just in the twitter sphere that have tweeted support for fame ladies and like are you are holding one of the ladies yeah well wendy oh as a supporter she had it as a profile picture i was on her show one time and um you know she's a great powerful woman figure in the space so that was great um we had actually uh gary vee does own a ton of ladies uh he used to be very active in the discord before all this happened he's been kind of absent since like i think he's just kind of waiting and seeing what we do but he is in our new discord so yeah he just hasn't said anything yet so we'll see i have that you touched a particular point for eddie right eddie i have a problem i have a problem with garyvee's brand specifically but um i'm curious what your thoughts are on on like his influence in the space and if it's wholly positive or if it's what do you think about it what do you think about gary as a as a as an influencer in this world so when he first got into the project and i feel like it kind of caused like a pump and dump to the price like the garyvee effect everybody knows when he hops in a discord everybody screenshots and then your price doubles right um and it wasn't sustainable like because the team wasn't really doing anything beyond um at that time just the initial drop um so for projects that can keep it up can keep up that hype and and like world of women like he hyped up for all the women which is a very good project i you know i have eight of those myself i don't think that that hurt that project at all because he was just bringing people to a project that was already great that hadn't heard about it yet it could sustain that people were willing to stick around it wasn't just a flip but if people if the project isn't strong enough at the time that he does it then it can have really negative effects like if he were to do it now that we have a strong community it would have a different effect than the first time he did it but i don't think i honestly don't believe that that's his motivation i think his motivation is exactly the the the pump and dump effect and i i i even wonder if whoever's behind the the discord uh account is is scary like i i question the authenticity of that because i feel like you see exactly you someone someone sees that he's in there and they screenshot it and then it's in a matter of moments like the hype is insane and even like the the people that follow him are known for flipping right it's not even necessarily a positive thing when you're a series if you want longevity i guess um i guess that's just the nature of of the space now especially because everything is so new and moving so quickly i will mention though two other people that have shouted out frame ladies um andy milanka's bought one what that's awesome it's like so weird neither of my team members know who he is but i was just like oh my god i just went back to middle school like in my life like i can't get his songs stuck on my head but um and then um m.c hammer has been retweeting them for some reason he doesn't buy them but he's been retweeting them so that's so random i know i know like can we get some celebrities from this century yeah yeah good point well i think it's only a matter of time especially like so what are some of the exciting things like some of the exciting utilities you guys are talking about for for this project because that will bring more uh what's let's say like substantial i think support yeah yeah so um we currently are in talks with two different brands for brand partnerships and i can't like give any information as to who they are because of nda's um but you know one of them might be like a shoe or clothing company and if okay they um had some sort of a partnership with us where you could link your lady and get like 20 percent off a pair of shoes or something like that um or or whatever you know there's a lot of utility there where um where we could kind of get our name out there in a really big way by giving people that hold them utility as you said we do have a members only section right now ladies only section of the website that has data and graphs and in the future it will have some content articles videos educational materials stuff like that that you will only be able to access and view if you have a lady and the information won't just be related to the ladies like we're going to have charts and graphs for all the nft projects on there what was the the response like for the relaunch like in terms of uh or what was the trading like around that time where people were people was there a lot of movement on like the secondary markets or people were pretty it's been going up steady since last tuesday and and even since before then but uh the last couple days is really when we've seen them the most growth um you know we've had almost a million dollar in sales in one day so we've been doing pretty good is that so it's obviously it's a good thing for you for royalties to have these sales but is it does that mean anything for you and turnover in terms of like community like does it like people leaving well the the holder count is going up there's a lot of people that have a lot of ladies um you know for instance we have somebody that's got about 500 of them and they've been flipping a lot of them more recently and as long as they don't dump the price that's good and it's healthy for people to get in at a lower lower price are you speaking are you having a dialogue with those people to like help expand the community and or is it just like a free-for-all like they do whatever they want with it because that's how that's how it is yeah i mean it's definitely a free-for-all actually the um a couple of the people that have the most ladies aren't even in the discord that's a bummer really yeah i wouldn't have thought that like i imagine somebody having the more nfcs the more like i'm involved in the community yeah it's usually not the case though like people that run around and they buy 200 of every big project they're too busy to be seeing how the discord is yeah so you think that definitely this um you know this holder for example might be somebody who's looking more towards like the speculative part of it instead of like the value because you are like you're one of your core values is the community right you're community driven yeah they definitely have they purchased them before this team even had them so i would you know at the time [Music] you know i'm pretty sure anybody who's buying 200 to 500 or something is funny yeah yeah definitely also because you choose like like yours right you kind of like um see yourself and you you mentioned that you can't imagine uh changing your image you kind of like recreate your identity in it uh absolutely so definitely i think that that's something that these huge holders kind of lack in yeah yeah to that note how much do you think covid is responsible for these projects and the and the hysteria around them and the success of them like the the lack of connection and community is responsible for that like because most of these projects are just about the community and and the investment obviously but like the ones that are sticking around are about the community at least like do you think that changes if it happened in 20 sec i mean some of them haven't been around for 20 since 2017 and we're just now talking about them do you think it's kobe related i mean i think there's always been groups of people out there finding their social needs being met online whether it's gaming or whatever but i do think that covet has definitely caused like a perfect storm for everything to just explode um not only was it people being stuck at home and being lonely but the unemployment checks that people were getting that were twice as much as what they normally were getting and i can speak from experience because i was making like a thousand dollars a week and that was the first time i had ever made that kind of money before and you know having extra money that you can put into stuff and um [Music] stimulus checks and all that and and you can't leave your house it's not like um you know maybe now things are different depending on where you live but like i have a son who's high risk so i'm on the more cautious side of things so i think all of it has contributed i think it would have happened eventually but probably a lot slower it could have taken us maybe another 10 years to get to where we are now and do you feel like the your personal involvement in and like uh activity in like these discord channels and and in these communities is is a is a healthy one in general like is it more healthy than like is it distracting i i i sometimes like i was just they were making fun of me before you joined izzy and mark because i hadn't used my twitter account since like 2016 or something and then in the last month or so i started doing it for this podcast and now i'm like on it all the time and i feel like okay this is maybe a problem they're becoming a problem yeah do you sleep no not lately it's hard to sleep with things or pumping right because then you get that whole like should i sell should i not sell and i'm the type of person where i'll list a bunch of nfts and then i'll come back an hour later and de-list them all because i'll be sticking out thinking about it yeah yeah yeah i it's an addiction it is it's very exactly i feel like it's healthy and not healthy at the same time are the connections for you substantial like are are they meaningful are they just something in in the midst of nothing else i would say they're definitely substantial like i've i've met a lot of these people in person i've gone to like when i went to [ __ ] coin and hung out with all these people like i i have legit friends that i've made in this space that i will probably talk to for the rest of my life um very cool people that get me better than anybody that's ever got me before like this is this is my place this is where people get me so it's now how does that make you where i live to understand it that's that was my next question like how does that make your your home relationships feel in comparison is it does it feel like uh strange does it feel like another world yeah kinda um because when i talk to my other friends about stuff like i feel like from their point of view they just think i'm bragging about things and like really i'm just excited and i just want to talk about things like i was trying to explain to my friend how i got an ape and i was so excited to finally be like part of the apes and and but like it's it's only a mutant but still an ape and i could just it's a mutant it's okay it's not an od okay no okay i'm just saying like i would love an og8 i i feel like i'm an ape but i just hope that all the og apes feel like we're apes too i don't know i feel away about it okay um anyways but um i could just feel her like thinking that i don't know she just didn't get it and like i didn't just tell that she thought i was just like bragging about like being rich and like to me i was like no i'm poor now like you don't get it i just spent all my money it's the opposite of what you're thinking i'm doing right now but do you have any friends that you did like um that you were able to bring into this world too um not really not yet um i've tried to get my sister into it i've been sending her stuff here and there like i sent her a strong gnome recently which has been doing really well um but when i first got her into nfts i sent her a ton of alpacas um i don't know if you guys were like i don't know but that sounds cute january they were okay so it was maybe december january they were um similar to crypto kitties where you could breed them but then you could also stake them and they were they were blowing up at the time that i sent her a bunch and i was making tons of money off of them like i was breeding hundreds of eggs a day it was literally insanity and i sent her a bunch and i was like oh my gosh this is how much money i'm making off of them blah blah and i sent her a bunch and um like all she did was lose money on gas basically so she's like i don't think this is for me this is not really my thing and i was like okay sorry like i meant well what do you think is holding back people because i i struggle with this too like i don't know i feel like after a while there's like that awkward silence that you kind of feel like they think you're bragging like you mentioned like um i mean i think i i do wish it was a little simpler for people to just log in hop in make an account on openc use their credit card to buy an nft it's so so hard to do to do certain first time oh my gosh unicel scared the crap out of me for like me too i'm not even yesterday the whole uni-swap airdrop because i went on uniswap like every day for a week trying to figure it out i was like where did the tokens go after you swap them i don't understand there's no instructions i was feel too stupid to ask anybody so i just kept giving up i was like no i'm just not gonna do it and then i finally did it and i was two days late to get the unit swap airdrop because i hadn't pulled the trigger any of the other times that i was on the website and i was so mad at myself for that especially after it pumped you know super high but um yeah it does need to be a little simpler for new people okay yesterday yesterday i set my wallet like name to like i bought uh a dot eth uh domain i guess you call it and i was so afraid to like use that as the transfer destination i was like i don't know if this is gonna work and i don't wanna risk losing a thousand bucks over some stupid [ __ ] thing so i was like i don't want to ask anyone because i don't want to sound like an idiot well that's the thing you don't know who to ask because who can you trust in this space because if you go on twitter and you say i'm having troubles with this on metamask you get like 40 people trying to scam you with links to forms to fill out and people in your dms and say on time and people are so afraid of being scammed and it's it doesn't make it a culture where you can ask for help and that's something that needs to change and like in the fame ladies discord we always tell people if you need help ask in the general chat don't answer any dms if people try to dm you for help just if it's well i'll help you and then you know that you're getting legit advice and everybody's not getting scammed hopefully have you ever experienced anything like this in terms of like the etiquette and the culture around like in these discord channels and on twitter like have you ever is there another uh like a real world example of this like the terminology and the language that we use in this space is so bizarre and it's so meme memeable or like it's like so meme driven i can't think of anything else that's like this i would say the gaming culture like gaming culture is probably the closest thing yeah like i played wow i'm not really a gamer okay yeah that makes sense now you've got like this gaming plus finance culture merging into this weird cluster [ __ ] of like terms that no one can gamers are smart as hell and they will figure it out so give gamers a reason to get into crypto like nfts gamification oh we're gonna gamify your skins we're gonna all of these things that you're earning in-game these tokens is gold whatever we're going to tokenize that we're going to nft it um they would be all over the nft space so there's a there's a heavy presence of gaming and finance people in the nft space but i feel like there's a real lack of like art enthusiasts of like people who really like art and especially from like the traditional art side and that's kind of what this podcast is about is like that space and like those people meshing what do you think that is why do you think that people in the art space are apprehensive about um i think it's harder to convince somebody that an artist has a value that a collection has value because you could show um there's more sales there's more information that you can show them where when you have a new artist that has two three pieces and they've sold one there's not a lot of data to base it off and you're at that point like just basing it off of emotion and um you know a lot of people don't make their decisions based off of emotions some people buy their nfts that way but it depends on why they're buying the nft really but when you say emotion because i mean i feel like fomo is an emotion it's like a feeling of of like i need to be involved in this but you mean like an emotional connection to the art yeah yeah yeah yeah i see that i i think that that's probably not as big of a factor in investing or yeah even just using the word investing is evident of like what if what it is mostly it's um but with the artists that you've helped were they come to you because they're already interested or have you sort of shown people the light in terms of like this is a great technology for you as a digital artist it's all over the map um i've i would say that most people that i've worked with as artists are now pretty successful selling their art um i think honestly it comes down more to the marketing than anything when it comes to an individual artist um in the traditional art world they don't have to learn how to market themselves they can go to a gallery they can i mean you have to a little bit but not like it's not the same thing it's not like crypto at all where you have to be out there every day creating a community creating um like a voice for yourself a personality that people know and understand and it has to be so much more than just the art that people are buying but it's also because it's so easy to get scammed you know there's so many people that have bought art from people that wasn't really the artist and um it's really hard to prevent against that but if you get to know the artist a bit you get to know their style and you follow them on twitter and and you see um over time you you learn to trust them a little bit more yeah have you been in touch with like uh the water women team um i mean i've been active in their discord since the beginning and i've i've talked to arctic a few times but other than that i haven't really that that project made me smile because it felt like it really changed an artist's life overnight which was super cool to see yeah and not just one i the one thing i love about that project is watching on twitter when you know that first time an artist gets a bid on their piece is always just like the best feeling like i don't know if you guys are artists who have ever sold anything like that but um when you made something and it's your art and you sold it like it just feels so much better than selling it an nft that you bought and they go around bidding on people's first pieces that are females and just seeing those tweets like oh my god my first bit on a piece thank you world of women like just that like being a part of that like that's just kind of crazy that is a really awesome feeling that i wish we could spread more of and i i find it strange that some of these projects like that are they they tend to lack that human interface or component to them because i guess i guess because maybe there isn't one like in the in the example with your project like the first time around like that was a clear there was a clear reason for that there was a clear motivation for not wanting to have that but do you think that um it's kind of a contradictory thing with the with the avatar series being so popular and people kind of taking them as as their online identity like it it it does detach you from the like a human in a way i think it does a little bit it does it does kind of um and then all you see is a sea of dogs and yeah nfts and um yeah it does a little bit but i think the reason that people do it is because they do have that connection to the community that they want everybody to see and that's more important really to them at that time yeah and this this kind of is going to be it's going to continue to be a question especially when we move into the metaverse and we've all got avatars all the time anyway you know like when we're interacting on a regular basis in virtual reality like how how important is it to portray yourself as yourself or how important is it to just kind of reinvent yourself i think it's strange when you have a series of ten thousand like you said like it becomes a sea of the same thing with like very small with very small variations and actually i wanted to ask you is it possible that there are like these avatars that are identical and the only difference is the name because there's no way to really verify or like visually ver verify so there has been instances in generative projects where two have turned up the same um hash masks i know there were two twins sets of twins okay but um there hasn't been any found in the ladies it is possible it can happen um it's very unlikely statistically for it to happen um like less possible than the most rare combination would be to have two of the same but how many unique assets is the fame ladies series comprised of um gosh that's a good question i don't know um [Music] we have a lot i was just looking through the layers and there's one yeah there's hundreds of layers wow and we didn't talk about this but the artist that created them originally have you been in touch with that person no unfortunately not at all we don't know we know who that is or we don't know who that is we um we don't i mean we don't know really who anybody on the team actually is except for max because the other person is just a username and then the last person didn't have a twitter so um and you know one thing we don't even honestly know if if they made the art or if they paid an artist to do it they could have outsourced it yeah that's that that's crazy because if you're talking about like giving the intellectual property to the collector and then this artist never was a part of that conversation that they own the copyright for that always unless they've given it up that's that's that's tricky yeah well and copyright laws are different in every country so they were made in russia which they have way different copyright laws than russia than we do but um yeah it's yeah it is i would love to i would love to talk to that person i'm sure you would too i'm going to do some sleuthing i'm going to try to find this artist i've been trying i've been trying like i'm so careful with how i speak with max and d nephi because i don't want to scare them away um like they seem very young and to me honestly i don't think they expected the project to blow up like it did i think they were like very unprepared and um you know at one point they were going to give us the twitter but they weren't willing to give us the password they were just going to give us access on like tweet decks so we asked them to delete it and then for a while there we had no way to contact them at all so then when they reached back out i was like oh my gosh okay i don't want to scare them off like but i asked very nicely a couple times for the artist information and i just get no response so it's i have faith i have faith it'll happen i i feel like especially max because i think there's a little bit of like uh not regret but like he i think he seemed he felt sincerely uh sorry about it yeah i think maybe maybe you'll get something eventually but uh yeah we'll see i'll keep on it yeah so um so what are so you're i saw your your you were shilling shilling is the right word right for art club our club yeah art club what is that project about our stars club yeah yeah yeah how did you get involved with it yeah i was just helping them with marketing a little bit they have some really cool uh like interactive nfts where it's a character it's a generative character that's holding a tablet holding a frame and then you can upload um depending on what's on the tablet you can upload different types of nfts into it and then there's also some with blank backgrounds and you can they have like 30 artists that work with them in some capacity that they're making custom backgrounds and you can pick what you want your background to be out of the custom backgrounds so it's got a really cool like um you know that interactive you can change your nft idea which i really like yeah i i saw it uh like i think last week maybe and i was gonna try to mint one but then i got kind of weirded out by the whole concept of like them being thieves and i was like i don't know if i want this in my wallet i don't know what's gonna happen i'm not even kidding like i was i i'm so sensitive to the space because of how many scams and things there are i was like yeah i don't want to take a risk um i mean that's just the story that they gave them they don't really steal anything i promise well now that i've seen and talked to you i'm like okay i feel a little bit more confident a little stupid actually but yeah cool i i i've pretty much covered everything i wanted to talk to you about i don't want to don't take up too much of your time because i know you have like a thousand people that are like hanging on your every word so um mark izzy was there anything else you guys wanted to ask danielle before we we let her go um yeah i i love a lot of what you're saying there and just to go back to i'm a former teacher as well and i was just trying to picture you going into a school to try and teach the kids about nfts and seeing all the teachers expressions as you try to explain what's going on i think that would be priceless um you were talking about people not coming into space i think crypto itself is quite individualistic and these nft projects are the antithesis of that and it's creating this group mentality and i think that is i mean it's a few months really since it's gone mainstream so it's dragging people in you're in a unique position to be changing the conversation like you're setting a legacy almost people are going to look up to you women will look up to you you're going to how does that feel does it does it yeah how do you take on that role if you like in uh yeah yeah i mean it feels amazing it's always been teaching people has always made me feel better than anything else like helping people have that aha moment helping know that like i might have changed what the next what their future looks like that there's nothing in the world that is more rewarding than that um you know i will take that over any nft or any pile of money any day so um finding a way that i can do that in this space which is also like something i'm so excited about and so passionate about is um honestly like perfect i couldn't find anything better amazing answer thank you perfect a perfect quote for the blog as well i would take that over any nfts or any crypto being a woman myself in the nft and crypto space i i really relate to what you said and um i think that your project is definitely gonna be something that's gonna you know close that gap step by step that there is in the space right now uh i i can see that happening really soon i'm sure i'm positive so i love it yeah and you know i don't think we're the only ones working on that world of women is doing the same thing if we get enough of these projects out here that are not only like giving females a comfortable space to learn in but also like [Music] paying females on their team good amounts like that's another way to get women's and women in crypto absolutely okay here's women in crypto and here's what they're making um don't you want to be making that much money that's motivation right there you know i checked out the road map and and everything and i want to ask even other um maybe spoilers that you can give us on uh you know the future months i know that you guys just like relaunched so but do you have like any other sneak peeks you can give us um not really i will say the podcast we're definitely underselling it um like we're working on getting sponsors and whatnot for it so it's gonna be probably a lot cooler than people think what is the angle of the podcast exactly is it about women in in the space mostly yeah yeah so um we're gonna use it for a few different things but definitely women in the space but i think we're going to focus more on like the collectors and the business women and stuff rather than the artists because i feel like the women artists out there are getting a lot of spotlights um not enough but they're they're they are getting some spotlight right now so trying to find um some other perspectives from women in the space that people might want to hear from um we're just on that we're we're doing um if you have any women artists who would like to be in the the valuart spotlight send send them to us we'd love to we have a list right now speak to them of all the female artists that people have recommended to us it's just like a spreadsheet is it a public list you should publish it you should put it somewhere so yeah that would be cool um i lied i have one last question and because i want to ask this because i believe so strongly in your project and i don't i don't see this like going away anytime soon but i am curious when do you think the bubble will burst everybody always asks me that question um so i think right now the nft bubble is just starting but the profile picture bubble is big that is the bubble that probably will burst first will be all of these generative profile picture projects um the blue chip projects are going to stick around of course and the ones that have utility and the ones that have super super strong communities like they'll probably be ten of these projects at least i think that will last long term but pretty soon here i think we're going to see a lot of these other projects we might have hit an inflection point today like we were just talking before you joined about the dot dot dots project i don't know if you've seen it yet because like i feel like you just woke up but uh but yeah yeah no i saw it last night actually oh did you get one no i didn't no it's interesting because more of them will be minted in the future for the same price of 0.05 so yeah but they're better selling them for i don't know how much is it now on either probably yeah like two or three now i think on average wow yeah it's moving up but also i've what i've learned is that like the minting process is impossible if you're a human and not a bot at this point it's like it's not going to happen for you yeah well those were minted right through the contract so they like made it yeah difficult to impossible and on purpose but um yeah i'm just minting projects like the it's ridiculous i do have concern and i say this i feel like every week i have concern about what this kind of stuff does to the reputation of like the nft technology but i i think it'll the more i see i think it'll it'll be fine it'll survive yeah it just takes some time because people are still just touching the surface of what nfts can do yeah i don't think there's any damage that can be done to nfts in total but the collectibles and but i've been saying that since january and that was before the gen the generative profile picture projects really started blowing up at that point people were making collectibles that didn't have road maps that didn't have a website they were just collectible projects on open sea okay and i was telling people the market is flooded with collectibles there's only so many frogs and ducks that people can buy and look at where we are nine months later and i have a wallet full of frogs and ducks but um but the projects have evolved they're not just minting on open c with without a website and without a road map anymore now they're building these communities and and you know if the people that can keep up the people that can adapt you'll still be seeing their faces a few months from now the rest of them not so much totally agree same well danielle thank you so much for joining us i really enjoyed it uh yeah i i'm gonna stay active in the family squad discord because i really enjoy that as well i hopefully one day i can get my hands on one i don't know i don't know before the price skyrockets i'm trying it's it's yeah yeah i know uh but uh maybe we'll have you on again in the future yeah we'll be uh following your story and um yeah thank you awesome thanks so much for hanging out thank you so much that was fun and live we even had like one or two people watching at a certain point that was exciting we got a comment we did get a comment let let's [ __ ] yeah yeah cool so um i guess we'll wrap it up there guys uh great episode fun conversation and i look forward to catching up with you guys again in two weeks have a nice day ciao bye ciao for now

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