Valuart V Realm: A Podcast on the Metaverse

Realm is a mixed reality NFT platform striving to change the way players, collectors and artists think about, perceive and design the Metaverse. What started out as an idea to bring the Metaverse away from the heavy computing power of desktops and streamline it for mobile, has become a play-to-earn augmented reality with an excited community tripping over themselves for the launch.

Valuart was more than a little excited to have founders Matthew Larby and Joban Thomas on the Podcast to speak about personal Metaverses, NFTs, decentralisation and how collaboration will ultimately lead to the overthrow of Facebook and the centralised Metaverse ambition. The conversation also took in NFTs, marketing in the Metaverse, the power of music as an art form and its place in the Metaverse, fashion, living NFT pets and a truck load more. The conversation traversed threads, concepts and questions and posed many more. Have a listen.

Excitement is seeping through the walls of the blockchain space like the ideas and ooze of Naked Lunch. But excitement will only get you so far. NFT and Metaverse platforms live and breathe (or choke and perish) via the quality of their team and the reach of their use-case. The obvious meme coins aside, short term financial gain for those lucky, fortunate or reckless enough to invest in them is not how stability is achieved. Realm is built on strong foundations. Matthew and Joban have been working together for 13 years. They were immediately interested in space, crossing space and time and using technology to bridge and communicate over space. Their first tech project was a friend locator for convert venues and festivals. It sold and the moved their thoughts to the Metaverse.

We were playing around in Decentraland and there was this obvious MetaMask hurdle and we thought, can you create a Metaverse which would work on a phone?

Realm is a Metaverse platform which solves a number of digital conundrums. Firstly it allows you to be a casual player, exploring the realms, collecting loot, raising NFT pets and visiting galleries and concert venues without so much as touching a design tool. Secondly, for those who aren’t content to be an observer, Realm has a suite of tools which allows those with visions of Metaverse grandeur to use templates to construct a personal realm in minutes, or get personal with C++ and build from scratch.

Freedom to build pretty much anything you can imagine is perhaps what sets Realm apart and has the Telegram and Twitter communities clamouring at the bit for the IDO (scheduled for late August, early September) and the launch of the platform itself the following month. Having your own virtual space, stylistically different from anything which exists elsewhere in the Metaverse is a tantalising one for the dreamers and visionaries and artists wanting a slice. Underwater galleries, NFT exhibitions on the rings of Saturn, urban decay, futurism and the hanging gardens of some ancient Babylon.
Then there is the play-to-earn philosophy of the game.

If you’re going to create a digital universe,

Matthew said, to agreement from the gathered masses.

Try to solve the problems from this concrete reality. IRL everything is owned by three people, can we make it fairer? Can we transfer control and economic ownership to more people?

As Facebook ramps up its power hungry rampaging PR and marketing machine, the question is more important than we realise. What is the Metaverse? Who controls the Metaverse? Who builds the Metaverse? These are questions causing argument and chest beating across the digital world as companies, individuals and thought-leaders get to grasps with what the road map should be.

A User-generated, decentralised Metaverse

A User-generated, decentralised Metaverse could be the answer. Realm offers drag and drop functionality for building your realms. You can use audio, video, multiple graphics and there are templates and pre-made options to choose from. In 2021, the most exciting aspect of a build your own Metaverse is having all your NFTs at your beck and call. Imagine the matrix weapons Neo calls up in the white-room, only instead of weapons, you have your CryptoPunks and Pudgy Penguins and Beeple and kid Eight and Fewocious.

Pudgy Penguins

How does the community put the brakes on one company, one organisation or Facebook deciding what the Metaverse should look, feel and be like? If a decentralised Metaverse (user generated or not) is what the world is looking for, the financial power and megalomaniac ambition of the centralised goliaths of tech and gaming are only going to be battled on a level playing field by working together. Once decentralised platforms have got their structure, getting the interoperability to be more than a pipe dream has to be front and centre of the plan.
What we liked about Realm is that Matthew and Joban were both aware of the importance of open dialogue between platforms as well as the inherent issues around the interoperability which just isn’t where it needs to be yet.

Marketing, fashion brands and the Metaverse

One way to think about the Metaverse is to imagine going shopping on Amazon (of course you are boycotting Amazon, so imagine the local shop you buy from), then take that experience and merge it with the real shopping experience and you are somewhere near the Metaverse. Now add tags to show content which is relevant to you. Eye tracking for adverts so brands can deliver poignant, relevant and powerful adverts right in the sweet spot. Only you don’t even know they are adverts, they are avatars wearing the latest line of jeans, sneakers or hoodies.

With one in four workers employed in the fashion chain in some form or other, the numbers involved and the cross over to the gaming Metaverse is an obvious one. Digital fashion is perhaps the easiest and first recipient of the financial clout the Metaverse could wield, the second being the axes and swords you could be wielding in Final Fantasy.
Do check out Realm on Twitter. It’s an exciting project and if you have any interest in play to earn, NFTs, the Metaverse or decentralisation, you’ll be blown away by what they are trying to achieve.
We’ll be back next week with more NFT collections, Metaverse meandering and, of course, the best questions in NFT podcasting.

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