Computa et Impera – Discover “Computing” by Gammatrace 🤖

Humanity x Technology. An introspective yet collective journey… A journey by Gammatrace that went immediately sold out!

And the same thing was repeated last night with COMPUTING – Nebuxel004. The artwork sold out in just two minutes, purchased from artist and collector @OurSonWillBΞAMonstΞr



The subject, “computing”, represents the computing power that constantly supports and drives the metaverse. It’s safe to say that the latter already has an extreme degree of power both within the economic and geopolitical fields, and that it is bound in the short term to also extend itself within Medicine and Diagnostics.

Computa et impera!

The more computational power, the more conquests.



Meanwhile, in the crypto scene…We are all waiting for Bitcoin’s next move.

Over the weekend, BTC price fell to $34K with its RSI reaching the most ‘oversold’ level since the March 2020 crash.


And as El Salvador is popular for, president Nayib Bukele, even this time, did not lose the opportunity to “buy the dip”: becoming the cheapest acquisition for El Salvador ever since the country adopted BTC as a legal tender a few months back.




But not all is lost in this bear market. Despite BTS’s price collapsing, the Bitcoin (BTC) network has recorded a new all-time high mining difficulty of 26.643 trillion with an average hash rate of 190.71 exahash per second (EH/s). That’s a loyal community right there!

And to top that off with even more positivity, a recent report from predicts that global crypto users could reach one billion by the end of 2022, with a focus on the fact that the combination of developing nations following El Salvador’s example combined with a wider and broader mainstream acceptance towards the crypto industry means that “Nations can no longer afford to ignore the growing push towards crypto by the public.”

Bitcoin is definitely still on track to outperform stocks in 2022. The fight against inflation continues…


Shifting into the NFT space…Have you already updated your NFT profile pic on Twitter?

Starting from January 20th, Twitter has enabled Ownership Verification of Profile Picture NFTs via Twitter Blue, the social network’s subscription service.


For now, this option comes with a price: users must pay $2.99 per month for this service, and be iOS users. But definitely a great step ahead in communities, where people were getting tired of other people screenshotting and using their purchased NFTs for their own identity. This will no longer be the case from now on, as this tool allows users to be able to verify ownership of an NFT in one’s own crypto wallet and then display it on their profile as a verified NFT. At the time of writing, the supported wallets are Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask, Ledger Live, Argent and Trust Wallet.




What do you see when you click on a user’s NFT profile?

Once clicking on a user’s NFT, a page will pop up, showing its metadata, which collection the NFT is part of, and all of its various attributes.


Flexing your NFTs has just got a whole new flavor to it!

Izzy’s Weekly Bookclub

Life can get busy, I definitely get it, but are you saving time for some good old reading?


This week’s read is: The Metaverse: Prepare Now For the Next Big Thing! by Terry Winters


There are not many books about the Metaverse around yet, but this seems to be a great read for anyone just getting into the space by the looks of it so far.

Stay tuned for the full review next week.

Date published: January 27th, 2022

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